23 September 2010

[spoilers] Zalazane`s Fall

I`ve done this quest on two 80s now, and I have to say that it`s pretty entertaining. The quests themselves are incredibly simple - go here, collect this, talk to X, take a taxi. There`s a reason why practically any level can complete everything but the final battle.

Elements of the lead-up quests plot are particularly exciting: you meet the leader of the as-yet hidden troll druids and prove yourself to a spirit to curry it`s favor. If this foreshadowing for Cata changes isn`t exciting enough for you, at least the final battle will be! Not only is the event itself fun to do, but defeating Zalazane and reclaiming the islands is the setup for a home for the trolls!

The battle felt a lot like a tour (I was particularly reminded of childhood haunted hay rides). Your tour guide Vol`jin leads you to Point of Interest 1. You watch the action with Bwonsamdi, then start chasing Zalazane around between islands, periodically killing watching other people kill adds. At one point you even get a tiki pet that fights! The end is so satisfying - Bwonsamdi appears and Zalazane is defeated and the day is saved!

The day is saved!

Unfortunately, characters lower than level 75 can`t get the quest for the final battle, and only some of my toons got rep rewards. For now I`m going to try to get my lock to 75 in time to do the quests as well. I wonder if the waiting before doing it again will make it less satisfying. I recently did Wrathgate on my second 80 and was extremely bored during the Battle for UC. Because I was the only one there I could start it right away, but I still had to wait for each section and wave of adds and what have you. Then again, it had been months since I did the original, and this event will only be around for a few weeks!

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