21 November 2010


I've been leveling some lowbies lately and every time an earthquake happens I wonder how it would change the questing experience...


Exhausted after investigating the Grimtotem camp, Littleclover had carefully picked her way up the mossy rocks to a small clearing overlooking the camp. She'd huddled down to rest while keeping a close eye on the Sprite Darters held captive in the central pen. It wasn't long before one of the druids picked up the night elf's scent and came sniffing up to the clearing. Littleclover jumped at the terrifying growl behind her, too late to avoid the massive paw that sent her flying nearly down the slope. She turned, trying to flip to her feet as the bear barreled down on her.

The ground suddenly bucked, knocking the priest down and causing the bear to overshoot her charge and land precariously on the precipice of the slope. The ground rumbled again, and the bear to being to slip. She hooked a claw in Littleclover's robe, making her tumble over the edge as well. They slipped down over damp grass and mossy rocks, neither of which were particularly forgiving. The ground trembled with aftershocks and made the pair's rapid descent even more painful. At first the druid had tried to continue to attack Littleclover, but her snarls now sounded less like animosity towards the priest and more like grunts of pain.

A final buck sent them both flying the last few feet to the bottom of the incline - an unfortunately large boulder. The bear landed heavily a split second before Littleclover, who landed on top of her with a sickening crunch. Shot with adrenaline, Littleclover scrambled frantically away from the still form. The druid made no move to stand. Littleclover sank back into the grass, nursing an aching head and likely broken wrist, along with other nameless aches. "Earthquakes!"

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