18 March 2012

Then and Now

More memes! More memes! Vidyala at Manalicious wants to see a timeline of characters! Not only was this a fun blast from the past, but it reminded me again of what it is I typically screenshot and why. It seems like I'm sitting on a mountain of data that I rarely use, but when I look through it now it's an incredible photographic journal of stuff that made me laugh, or say WTF, or just want to keep for reference later.

Here's baby Beko! Her horns have changed, but her fur and hairstyle are the same.
I didn't understand why, but I knew that having this hat was A Thing.
More flight paths in front of the moon!
When I got my first mount, I posted a pic on the guild forums. Because it was a big damn deal.
About to step through the Dark Portal! Omg omg!!!!
Aww yeah check out that sweet gear. I love that the braids hang down from the cowl!
Sailormoon hat! Now that's the good stuff!
My sweet Lashwerweave getup.
Killing Deathwing. Clearly my UI has changed a LOT!
Now I have transmogged gear. So fashionable!
Just for funsies, this is a bosskill edit I made for my original guild.  So much fun!