30 May 2012

Pokemon Center: Osaka

Previously: Pokemon Center Tokyo

So a few days ago on Twitter Pokemon came up, as it naturally does, and I realized I hadn't yet told you fine folks about my trip to the Pokemon Center in Osaka! It (re)opened in the new City Station department store last year and was ridiculously crowded. As my friend put it, listening to children scream bloody murder is the best kind of contraceptive. Anyway, pictures behind the cut! At the store I had to use my crappy phone camera, so I apologize for the abysmal quality of some of them!

come with me, and you'll be...

in a world of pure pokemon-ination
so many hats, so few heads
sets of charms
this is an inside joke: my bff and i had almost 100 mugs in our old apt and kept buying more
aww yiss, the legendary dogs right by the BW legendaries
sup plushies?
cute babies!!
i really like the art style on these bags
you may recall the keychain i bought at the last pkmn ctr
be real with me - who actually likes maggyo??
oh god more mugs must resist
why are all you people here?!
the ceiling with current pokemon
heheh adorable child
could not resist the cute bag, even though i don't use grass types a lot
classy ladies keep their makeup in pokemon pouches
mew looking at mew looking at - WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER
a tastefully subtle mijumaru handkerchief
a mudkip plush to replace my last one, destroyed in a horrible barfing accident (NOT ME)
rayquaza IN DA HOUSE
they were giving away nobunaga's shiny rayquaza but because i'm a complete turd i could not download it
i got some free stickers with my purchases!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. :O

  2. XD
    Reminds me of the Lego stores here in the States, sort of.

    1. My BFF loves Legos so I have been to a few and I know what you mean!!

  3. Oh my goodness, this post is full of amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos! (And now I have Gene Wilder's voice stuck in my head singing "Come with me, and you'll be...in a world of pure Pokemon-ination~")

    1. Oh thank you! I have the song stuck in my head too >< I added a link to the Tokyo shop in case you hadn't seen it :)

  4. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing!

    I wish I could go there :P

    1. Thank you! Hopefully the pictures made you feel as if you sort of went there ^_^

  5. This is like nerd heaven. o:
    I have a question, though; were the items here expensive? For instance, how many pounds/euros/dollars would a keychain amount to?

    1. I don't have my receipt anymore, but all told I paid about 5000 yen, which I think is around 60 USD at the moment. That includes the big bag, little bag, plush, handkerchief, and keychain. I think the keychain was around 400 yen, maybe 5 USD? The sets of multiple chains were more of course :)

    2. Oh wow, not a lot at all. :)

  6. Wooo!

    This is all so cool. Oo, look, Ash hats for sale! Everything just has a 'perfect' feel about it. As though nothing is out of place, and it looks the part!

    Really can't wait to visit myself, one-day.

    Thanks for the post!

    - Jamin