15 October 2013

Let's meet at Geek Girl Con!

Hi friends! Are any of you going to Seattle's Geek Girl Con 2013? I'll be there (in costume!) so let's hang out!

I'll be attending the Friday night kick off party at the Tap House Grill with a friend. Pretty sure we won't be in costume for that...

I'll also be attending Saturday in a trio costume (from Teen Wolf...don't judge me) so be on the lookout for Cora and Derek Hale and their bouncy friend Stiles. I have my program all drawn up, so if you wanna talk scheduling get at me!
Guess who I am. Hint: not Stiles.


  1. Send me an email and let's make this happen: mataoka.of.exodar@gmail.com

  2. Okay, what is that on the bottom. At first I thought I knew what it was, but it's definitely too small for that, so....

    1. They are ELEPHANTS! On the order form it was listed as "cute animal lens case"

    2. Okay, I see that now. I would never have guessed that one, tho.