23 October 2013


After an unwanted but sorely needed hiatus, RCR is back in business! I'm safely relocated to Seattle and have a shiny new red laptop. Even the city welcomed me; look what I found on my first day out exploring!

It's a sign
I'm still looking for a full time day job, but until then I have a place to stay and some freelancing to work on. There's also WoW, and with that, the return of my creative streak. Yes, that's right, Dahakha and I are back in business and working hard on the next steps in the sad, sad Pandaria story! We're hoping for a big push in November (not necessarily NaNoWriMo but at least some more motivation).

I don't expect to be raiding anytime soon, but I am preparing to switch servers and guilds to find something in my new time zone. Are there perhaps any west coast guilds who might welcome a friendly tauren? :3

Finally, I need some addon help. My go-to raid frames have always been Grid, but it appears to only want to show me all druid hots rather than only the ones I've cast. Is there a way to fix this, or do I need to make a switch?



  1. That sign is adorable and OMG IT'S A SIGN! LOL!! welcome back to blogging and WoW Beko-chan.

  2. Wow, talk about a SIGN that you moved to the right place!

  3. A SIGN indeed! Best of luck with the job and guild searches. :)

    1. I'm doing my best! ^_^ I hope I have some good news soon.