21 November 2013

#IntPiPoMo im in ur silver enclave

20 I didn't pay much attention so I don't actually remember your name or significance but could you please step out of the shot?
21 Well golly this sure is nice
22 My goodness look at these majestic statues
23 How festive! This looks like something related to PvP
24 This looks like a gun that a Dalaran mage would appreciate
25 Look at this well-polished and very fancy shield
26 I know we've been over this but I kind of have a thing for the Dalaran stained glass
27 Mmm...Drink it in
28 *muffled screaming*
29 A little slice of the lovely forest in the middle of the lovely city
30 WHAT A VIEW YOU GUYS I hope you Allies appreciate what you have =_=
31 Hello yes I would like to order one million beers please
32 Even the ceilings are painted...y'all fancy humans
33 The tapestry is glittering THIS IS NOT A DRILL


  1. I'm game for a few of those beers!

    I really do love Dal; I hang out there more than anywhere else, really.

  2. Lovely screenshots. That gun is very cool!