10 May 2011

[Shared Topic] The next class

This week's Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth comes from Shadowfox of Death Knights Don't Blog, who asks:
What are your ideas for the next class in an upcoming expansion?
It is with great pleasure that I announce the newest class in World of Warcraft. Meet the chell, an inspired and unique combination of pet and totem class. Chells use guns exclusively (after much forum QQ, this will be changed to"all 2-handed weapons"). Their weapons can be modified in a way similar to runeforging by two class-specific buffs known as apertures. Each is a stat buff, combined as the player sees fit.

Chells prioritize intellect, agility, mastery, and spirit. Hit, expertise, and crit are important lesser stats. Their playstyle consists of managing various pet and totem-like abilities and their respective cooldowns, similar to the old 6-9-6-9 paladin cooldown system The three talent trees mimic warlock and mage trees, in that there are three different ranged-dps playstyles, each prioritizing different abilities and pets. These are known as Orange, Blue, and Heart.

Special abilities:

Fall Boots: The chell can fall from any height and avoid fall damage.

Companion Cube: A permanent pet obtained by speccing into the "I'll never abandon you" talent in the Heart tree. The Companion Cube provides a passive DPS buff for those in the chell's party, and provides DPS primarily via creating a jump pad and using it to fling weighted cubes at the target.

GLADoS: A temporary pet replacing the Companion Cube. It provides a DPS-buff aura and casts a special attack which summons confetti and cake. The cake then releases a deadly neurotoxin. This has a 1% chance of wiping the raid (this will also be removed after much QQ).

Turret: The chell can summon up to 2 turrets at a time. Similar to Shaman totems, the colors of the turrets determine what kind of damage or buff they provide.

Rocket Launcher: A channeled ability causing AOE damage.

Incinerator: A targeted ground AOE that causes fire damage.

Laser Beam: A channeled ability that can be directed via a refractor cube.

Light Bridge: A self-shield ability.

Endless Loop: A snare that traps a target in an inescapable portal loop.

Release Cube: A stun that drops a weighted cube on the target's head.

Repulsion Gel: Coats the chell in blue gel that increases her damage.

Propulsion Gel: Coats the chell in orange gel that increases her haste.

Portals are used to move the chell around (similar to a mage's Blink), direct a pet or totem to switch targets, or move an ally or enemy. They are baked directly into chell abilities to avoid spellbar bloat and overusing macros.

Guess what I've been playing lately? Wheatley ILU!!!

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