27 June 2011

Goblin Journal: Out of Azshara

Well, Journal, I finished up my stint in Azshara. It was nice to see my business partners from the escape from Kezan there, even if they were helping to further the destruction of Azshara's environment. I guess they didn't see my piece in The Daily Auctioneer. Come to think of it, maybe it's for the best. I got a lot of nasty letters about it! Seems like goblins don't like being told to change. I did get a few encouraging letters - mostly from taurens and trolls . At least they think I'm right on the money!

At any rate, I ended up helping out some other Horde operatives in Azshara, and even met up with a mage cult! I was excited to see if they had anything valuable to offer, but all I got was a painful burn after a series of tests of questionable worth, followed by an unceremonious visit to the spirit world to talk to an irritable dragon.

You'll like this, though: for a sabotage mission I was temporarily transformed into a night elf! Now I know that should I ever want to make good on my threat to join the Alliance and escape Hellscream's eyes upon me, at least I can get around well enough in my new body. As a bonus, I'd be much younger comparatively. Just think of the profit you could turn if you lived thousands of years!

All tallied, I was in Azshara for several weeks. I traveled to Orgrimmar as time permitted to manage my auctions, but even my article I wrote out under the stars and mailed to the publisher. It's a strange life, living in the less civilized parts of the world. Before Kezan went into the red, I had never lived anywhere but the city. (I'm big enough to admit that it was thanks to my parents' success and higher class standing. On the isles, class was all but destroyed since we were all living in tents!) I figured that roughing it would be temporary, and yet here I am carrying rations and blankets in a patched rucksack! Where do you stand in the pecking order when you sleep on the ground and keep an ear out for wolves?

Well, one flash of my bankroll should remind anyone how I measure up. Which is good, because I've decided to continue into Ashenvale at the request of a senior Horde officer. I admit that I didn't pay the most attention in geography, but from what I recall, Ashenvale is peaceful and forested (what with being a night elf home, right?). Maybe spending some time in a proper forest will soothe me after watching my people raze Azshara.


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  2. Ahahahaha! A "mage cult"! I think that's the best description of Archmage Xylem and his collection of apprentices I've seen yet!

    The quests that transform you into a Night Elf were some of my favorite parts of new Azshara. I'm sad that there's no way for Alliance toons to get that brown and gold robe anymore, because I'd dearly love to have one for my Night Elf Mage. One of these days she'll just have to have an... accident of some sort and end up being a Blood Elf for a month or two.

    I, too, have thought about how it must be strange for characters with city backgrounds to go out adventuring and really have to rough it.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed that :P The whole quest chain was really bizarre to me. I liked being a night elf and insulting the furbolg leader. The option to "rip out his belly button piercing" cracked me up!