27 July 2011

Summer Vacation

I don't know about you, but I'm always more productive when I'm really busy. Is that weird? I think it's because I get on a roll working on one task, and move to the next with that momentum. By contrast, I'm completely against doing things on my lazy days. When I have a free afternoon, I am loath to mar it with a lesson, or haircut, or food shopping.

In WoW, this works out differently. On raid nights, my non-raid playtime is limited, so I rush to cram in whatever activities I want to do. It doesn't hurt that during raid downtime I can read blogs or chat and thus maintain the illusion of relaxing. (Ask me about my facebook spec) Strangely, on nights when I don't raid, I sometimes have trouble finding things to do with myself and end up afk-ing out while watching TV or playing DS. I suspect it's a sign of burnout, especially with the recent decline in raiding and two of my favorite guildies officially quitting after long absences.

I still have goals, and I still want to play the game. But with my gym schedule restricting me to 2 raid nights a week, and guild ennui making those 2 nights not guaranteed raids, I often find myself doing dailies and then thinking, "now what?" Partially, it's so hot that I can't get excited about anything. Even eating and sleeping are too much effort to do well! The daily activities I have waiting for me in game are non-time-sensitive grinds which could be good background activity for a podcast or movie, but I often log out instead.

Eventually the pendulum will swing back and I'll find myself logging in compulsively and staying up till all hours. Since that's the source of my blogging inspiration, I hope it comes soon! In the meanwhile, I'm going to finish up Saga's 20 Days of... FINALLY, then devote August to Saz's 15 Screenshots challenge. Hopefully in that time I can get a little backlog of posts waiting to entertain you and find my gaming groove again. Until then, me and Mijumaru will be battling N and his team of Pokemon supremacists!

Just for fun, I want to share with you my two favorite search terms from this week:

"bad angry cows"

"day 9 flipping tables" (<---was this a guildie?)


  1. The blogosphere is really quiet right now overall, I feel, but it's summer after all and not exactly much happening aside of SWTOR either.
    Funny enough, I'm the other way around, hehe: the more free time I get, the more I like to blog and muse and spend time writing or gaming - when work is busy I am simply too exhausted to be creative like that. and even though my game ennui has been going pretty much for all year now, the less I play, the more I write about it. I think I'm weird that way! :P

  2. That's interesting! There have been times when I haven't had time to play but have had loads of ideas running around in my head. At the moment, since I can't find much time to play and also don't have much time to read blogs, I find my main sources of inspiration are drying up DX