03 April 2012

The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt!

HEY! Have you signed up to participate in this? Even if you don't plan to hide an egg, are you ready to EGG HUNT? Kamalia of Kamalia et Alia is continuing the tradition started by Angelya by hosting this year's event! Get thee to her post, or email her to register your blog as an egg spot! Then, cleverly (or not so cleverly) hide your egg and email her with its location! Remember, you only have until April the 8th to hide your egg, so don't delay. Your entry listing all the eggs and their locations must be delivered to her inbox no later than midnight (UTC) on April 12. Fun! Drama! Mystery! Intrigue! Prizes!!! Do this thing!


  1. Squee! Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. Yay for more players!! I love this event! :D

    I'm running horribly behind at the moment hiding things, but I'm having oodles of fun creating posts and places for eggs to hide… Collecting egg screenshots isn't quite as much fun, but coming up with the mouse-over text for the 'bad eggs' is a blast! ;)