17 October 2012

[Shared Topic] What is your personal code?

This week's Shared Topic comes from Mataoka of Sugar & Blood, who asks:
What are your personal rules you wish others would know about you?
1. When people find out I am a girl and make a big deal out of it, I get really uncomfortable. However, and this is extremely important to note, referring to myself as a girl and "outing" myself is NOT me making a big deal. Do not accuse me of playing my gender up because that makes no sense.

2. Similarly, if you find out I am a girl and immediately start hitting on me, we are through talking. If I tell you to stop hitting on me and you say you're joking, I still want you to stop. The end.

3. I try not to cuss in front of new people / strangers in dungeons. Well, I try.

4. I make a point to loot my skinnable kills.

5. If you don't loot your corpses in a group, I will tag along greedily behind you.

6. Be generous with guildies, but always offer them mats/gold/tips for their services.

7. AH is war. It's ok to viciously undercut people.

8. Defiling bodies or using rude emotes in PVP or otherwise really bothers me.

9. Don't harass other players. I don't think many people want strangers to randomly /say violent sexual threats to their female characters.

10. Be kind to noobs. If you see a question in trade that gets snide responses, or get a curious whisper from a lowbie, answer them kindly! Unless they want gold. Then tell them you're not that kind of [race/class]. Alternatively you can invite them to find the gold you've hidden across the mobs of the world.

11. Play when it's fun, stop when you get burned out. Avoid guild drama, and avoid guilds that create it.

ETA: 11a. and one more thing!! It's time to catch up to the times and realize that gamers are people with varied ages, interests, jobs, athletic ability, whatever. It's 2012; you don't have to be surprised that an adult, or a woman, or an investment banker likes to kick back as an orc and kill demons.

12. Always have an appropriate gif for every situation.


  1. Love it...wonderful guidelines that to me strike a great balance of fairness and self preservation. And I am so using that .gif!

  2. This is great! And the gif is entirely appropriate!

  3. Awesome gif! :D

    And I wish they had #10 as a tooltip for when folks enter low-level areas-- folks get downright vicious in General and Trade sometimes. *sighs* :p