05 June 2013

It's not filler if you like reading it

Nah I take that back, it's still filler. But I hate to see my blog get dusty and boring - by which I mean I have no intention of closing up shop, I'm just getting my butt kicked by real life! It actually sucks; after the podcast and feeling really fired up to write, suddenly I found myself knee-deep in professional Japanese resume-writing. Which, I needn't remind you, is not my forte.

Hire me to do professional business for your company I have many useful skills
Working on those moon-rune documents kept me out of WoW for quite a while, but I've popped in here and there to tend my farm and try to push through the Dominance Offensive dailies so I can finally catch up with whatever it is that Dah wants me to see. (no spoilers please >_>) All I know is that the quest to go into the mine and kill those spirit traps underground was designed by a cruel and unfeeling dev.

Aside from that, I've been battling pets, although I'm WAY behind knowing what to do. Similar to pokemon, I just pick the cutest guys and use them to kill all the other guys. I have gotten some GREAT advice from twitter, however, so I hope to one day be someone who gives reputable advice instead of making suggestions like "have you considered using the fluffy kitty?"

I do not want to battle the other fluffy kitties
I was really enjoying leveling Weipon, and recently hit 88, but I realized that if I got too ahead in my leveling I would end up with a bunch of half-finished quest notes and no recollection of actually doing any of the quests, which would squash later writing! Instead I decided to hit up the Darkmoon Faire and aggressively watch Dubenko from the sidelines.

Let's see how long you dodge those rings after I get at you
So to reiterate, I'm not  going anywhere. A new LW chapter and the continuation of the main Pandaria story are forthcoming! Posts might be much more irregular in their scheduling, but the spark of creativity lives on! Frankly, I'm just glad that I have so many opportunities to share my new gifs with you! It may have nothing to do with WoW, but collecting and sharing humorous gifs is one of my hobbies, so I hope you know that I'm not just trying to fill post space, but rather bring you the latest and greatest of internet hilarity!

And now, the most recent search terms:

"a totally sweet blog"
"adventure time birthday party ideas"
    I'm thinking Lady Rainicorn/long-Jake streamers, snacks shaped like residents of the Candy Kingdom, LSP balloons, and everyone has to imitate Tree Trunks' voice
"aysa cloudsinger porn"
"im soo full of butt toots spongebob"
    Me too, Spongebob, me too
"sloth whisper song meme"
    I have no idea but if you find it will you let me know? I'm a diehard member of the sloth fandom :B
"cow of the wild fanfiction"
    Shit yeah, get on over to the Series page
"dragon which is red but big"
    I don't know that being red precludes being big, so you have lots of options
"indicator raptor explosion"
    :|a this sounds like a goblin experiment gone wrong
    YES! Look at those majestic bastards!
"what is red cow with high heels facebook logo"
    I'm curious about this red cow "with high heels" (I didn't publish that picture anywhere...) but currently my fb picture is a velociraptor statue wearing a knitted cap
"janeway muscles"
    Mmm yes I have just the reaction gif for Cpt Janeway's muscles:
"i had a dream about red cow i taking a it to home"
    I don't know if I should feel flattered or deeply concerned
"jessha reach"
    !! Minor character love <3
"did the girl jump from the bridge at the red cow"
    I couldn't find anything about a bridge at the red cow but I certainly hope not!!

And just because it's been making me laugh for a million years:
Is it the scarf? The expression? It's the scarf, I think.


  1. Oh my god, that cat gif. I can't stop laughing.

    1. I feel so bad for laughing but at the same time WHAT THE HECK, CAT. GET UP. Amazing.

  2. Oh no! Poor Battle Kitty has tired of the battles! And I'm afraid my battle pet team compositions are based on their cuteness factor. I have to stop and toughen up because I'm really getting my butt kicked in pet pvp.

    1. I feel that! We should just battle each other with our cutie teams!! No matter who wins the battle, everyone wins seeing cute pets :D