08 January 2014

many links!

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in Furtive Father Winter this year! All of the volunteers made, sent, and posted their gifts so quickly, and all of the gifts were so good! Since it took me approximately one million years to link to the final post, I'll post it here: Admiring Azeroth's gift for Lib Feathers Fanfiction. Of course, you should be sure you've read all of the other gift posts linked on the main post.

In other news, I will be a guest on the Justice Points podcast this coming Saturday! If you have any lady quest givers (or ladies involved in quests) that have really stuck in your mind because of their personality, story, etc., let me know and I'll be sure to bring them up! If you haven't yet listened to this podcast, get on it already!

This weekend, Dahakha and I have plans to hash out some more creative ideas for the story, which I suspect will be helpful to my writer's block -_- As it turns out, actually spending work hours working makes for less free time to zone out and blog about stuff.

Here is a thing you may enjoy: Disney meets Warcraft

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