06 April 2011

So long, bearded lady!

Now that I've had a good introspective mope, it's time to smother you with squealing glee (is that where squee comes from?). To begin, I GOT EXALTED WITH DARKMOON FAIRE!!!!!!!!!!

Because I stupidly kept trying to complete decks without seeing how many completed ones I already had banked, I ended up not only with lots of leftover cards, but at least 5 completed decks! But I'm maybe a week away from The Insane so I don't even care. I've offered the leftovers to other guildies looking to go Insane before I start auctioning off my remaining cards. Check out my guildbank (I had already extracted a ton of cards before taking this shot but I didn't want to put everything back in and take it out again...)

If I had to give tips, I would say keep your spreadsheet updated with how many of each card you have, and be mindful of your completed decks and the next Darkmoon Faire for turn-ins. Having a mailbox is incredibly useful for sending away those unique cards without having to leave the questgiver. If you have any guildies who are getting their Cata trinkets, do their turn-ins for them! Don't be afraid to buy ink and primals on your own, Darkflame Ink in particular is very cheap on my server, and I can generally get either motes or primals for less than 10g total. Also, if you get towards the end of your grind and see that one card of a deck has an extremely low droprate (we meet again, Ace of Beasts), stop buying more cards for that deck and focus your gold on more expensive cards to build other more regularly-completable decks. Check out this helpful spreadsheet I made to keep track of your cards!

If the major deck market is total crap on your server, don't reject the minor decks! Rogues Decks are the easiest to make, needing only three cards to make a full set, although I've found that Two of Rogues has an abysmally low droprate. It's incredibly slow going, but you can rest assured that you'll get some rep and be able to sell the rewards. I always alternate between the cloth and leather chestpieces, and typically auction them for around 5 or 6g. If you get a windfall of the blue minor decks, those rewards can be sold for 30 and 40g.

When it comes to auctioning the major deck trinkets, run an auction-scanning mod like Auctionator and keep track of the going rates for each trinket. It takes a while, but I have been able to sell all of my trinkets with prices from 70 to 400g (depending on what trinket it is).

I've seen some calls for a new guide to the Insane title. Removing Shen'dralar saves a ton of time and gold, and Darkmoon and Ravenholdt basically haven't changed. I'd be interested to look into how to grind Steamwheedle rep while maintaining Bloodsail standing (especially since Free Knot! has been removed), or if it's even possible.

Now, for something completely different!

I want to learn more about computer hardware! There is, of course, the general education I have received due to simply being around computers for a long time, and also doing lots of gruntwork for my dad while he plays Age of Empires and sort of directs my 13-year-old self to install a new harddrive or what-have-you. I would love to take a class, except that there aren't any places around that could give English-language instruction (as much as I would love to talk about disuku doraibu and debaisu joutai). So, denizens of the internet, where have you gone to learn about the flashy bits that make up the inside of your PC? How do you learn what type of processor jives with your motherboard, or what a solid state drive is?


  1. Congrats on getting exalted!! It's tempting to get the insane title but I think it would literally kill me. Or I'd kill other people around me ;)

  2. Congrats!
    Wow, that is a ton of cards! You should build a house with them, or something :P

  3. Congrats! Its really nice to be exalted, tons of benefits...gears, and other wonderful stuff... its very useful. =)

  4. Congrats on the rep achieve! I am still recovering my druid from the stupid booty bay rep thing...grrr


  5. Thanks everybody :D Also Kamalia, i c wut u did thar.