01 June 2011

Day 9: The Hunt Begins

This is the next day in Saga of Spellbound's 20 days of...WoW blogging challenge. You can find more participants here.

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My first post was cleverly titled The Hunt Begins, which is a quest in the tauren starting zone. So fresh! So relevant! It was at the time, anyway. I figured that, as a tauren enthusiast, it would be most appropriate to reference my humble beginnings in the title. The quest has been removed with Cataclysm, so I hit up wowhead to see if there were a current quest that I might use as an intro post title. The very first quest is called The First Step, which isn't bad, but it's not quite as evocative as "the hunt".

Anyway, in this first post I described my introduction into WoW, my history of gaming (Pokemon), my sad attempts to level a priest, and my general druid leveling experience. Then, I sort of proposed the content of the blog without being particularly specific, which I guess should have tipped me off to the fact that this is a general blog rather than a druid one. Reading it again, I don't think it's a bad first post. Explanatory, vaguely interesting, sort of meandering...kind of like the rest of the posts!

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