25 May 2011

Day 8: Ten things about Beko

This is the next day in Saga of Spellbound's 20 days of...WoW blogging challenge. You can find more participants here.

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1) I am really short. So much so that upon meeting a guildie for the first time, his immediate reaction was "I did not expect someone who plays a tauren to be so small."

2) I am really sensitive to sound. I hate explosive sneezes, cicadas chirping, and other repetitive sounds like constant wind in my ears or humming. Active listening is very important in Japanese, which listeners do by constantly making reactionary noises like Hmm, Oh, really? I see, and so on. Some people are a little...too active, and literally hmmmmmmmm the entire time another person is talking. Sitting through that constant drone always puts me on edge.

3) None of my guildies or RL friends know about this blog. (Or at least, I haven't advertised it to them...)

4) I have never played a male character past level 10. I just can't remember that it's me!

5) I am a huge procrastinator, and since leaving college have almost completely lost my love of learning. Without deadlines, I have a difficult time studying kanji or vocabulary lists. This makes me very sad.

6) I crack my fingers and toes constantly. One day my fingers will probably fall off, but I'll be glad because I'll likely have crippling arthritis at that point.

7) I put on makeup around 3 times a year. That's more frequent than I get my hair cut!

8) If I had discovered Star Trek: Voyager in middle school I would probably have a secret folder of JanewayxChakotay fanfic somewhere on my hard drive.

9) I handwrite almost every post before I type it and publish. This is mostly because I don't get a school-issue laptop and my macbook won't play nice with the wireless, and partially because I genuinely like the feel of writing. Also, my handwriting is totally great, even though I can't write in cursive anymore. I keep all my in-progress posts in a special binder along with my reference sheets for stats, gear, boss strats, and achievement notes.

10) I love showtunes and karaoke. My BFF and I used to get together to play and sing duets. In college, the Japanese club went to karaoke once a month, and we always sang together, although we had to abandon all but the most popular of English songs since the selection was mostly Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

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  1. You'll be glad to know that apparently cracking your knuckles *doesn't* cause arthritis! <3 QI.

    And you sound as though you get your hair done about as often as I do xD I should get mine done more because I dye it but meh. *shrug*

  2. That's a relief! Do you know if it makes your knuckles larger? My mom always tells me that my fingernails aren't pink enough because I cut off the blood flow -_-

    Whenever I go in to get my haircut, the guy tells me that my hair looks good long. Like, I'm paying you to cut it? Do you want this money?

  3. I'm not sure what it *does* do, but I know it doesn't give you arthritis, and the fingernail thing can't be true. I've cracked my knuckles for years and my fingernails are fine.

    And man! My hairdresser's the same. "Oh you're going grey!" "No, I'm not. I'm 22." "No you definitely are." Several people have told me I'm definitely not :p Then there's, "You should go blonde." "No, I really like my hair dark. Blonde doesn't suit me." "Oh it would." AND THEN, "I can always chop off a bit more?" You've done quite enough! She's very chop happy, bless her, but she only charges £8.50 if I bring my own dye so can't complain xD

  4. An American doctor cracked the knuckles on one hand consistently for 50 years while leaving the other alone. There was no difference.
    Also, I'm loving the 20 days challenge, keep it going.

  5. Thanks, Fuzzy! At this rate, I should be done in...another month :D