01 May 2011

Day 4: Oh, darling

This is the next day in Saga of Spellbound's 20 days of...WoW blogging challenge. You can find more participants here.

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My best WoW memory is the friendship I had with the pally healer from my first guild. We were great friends and talked frequently via text when not playing. At the time, my RL Horde friend and I referred to each other as "darling", and since I had become accustomed to using it, I used it on the pally as well. To differentiate, he became mandarling. We shared the joys and sorrows of our days, made inappropriate comments in gchat, and delighted in /RW spam. (I miss /RW in party chat SO. MUCH.)

In game we had incredible synergy as healers. He and I two-healed everything our guild raided up to the Ulduar-era, partially because no one else wanted to heal, and partially because there was never a need for a third healer. When pugging, we would link the healing meters to each other, laughing as we dominated more than half of the healing split between three. (*toot toot* that's my horn) We were an unbeatable team, and I miss not only his companionship but the joy of healing something considered beyond your ability, especially in a casual raid setting. Since then, I have yet to connect to someone as well as I did with my pally friend.

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  1. Heh - I'm loving your responses to all of the Days SO much! And yes... synergy with a fellow healer is awesome. I miss the priest that I used to heal with (since our n00b Kara days) hugely. Still. Some people just aren't replaceable in any real sense. I guess we wouldn't want them to be.

  2. Thanks! :D

    I really miss that sort of companionship with a fellow player. You're right, I wouldn't want him to be replaceable, but that sort of in-game friendship really makes playtime better.