06 May 2011

Small Fries

I've, uh, done that Twitter thing, finally. After all my resistance, I'm just too interested in new ways to play online to avoid it any longer! Find me @redcowrise!

Also, I am being interviewed on the Girls Gone WoW podcast at 6am (my time) this Sunday morning. They are a really fun group with laid back podcasts, and they needed ladies to chat at! Hopefully I won't make too much of an ass of myself. Or, best outcome, I do, and you all get to enjoy it!


  1. Welcome to Twitter! I followed you too! =D Happy Tweeting! =D

  2. gratz! I havent gotten into Twitter yet. It scares my old man sensibilities. I suppose I'll have to do it. My wife says I should to twitter hot topics and such. But anyways good work, Ill check out the podcast!

  3. Sweet. Thanks everyone :) Mhorgrim, don't be afraid! I can understand at least....30% of the tweets. The others look like long lists with mysterious @ and #s thrown in >_>