25 August 2011

Day 10: WoW Crew

Thus continues Saz of World of Saz's Through Your Interface: 15 Days of Screenshots challenge. You can find more participants here.

See Day 9: Character's Hometown

red light green light
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  1. Ah, the colours!

    Got myself the green Battle Tank from AQ not too long ago. Must say, there's nothing quite like them.

    - Jamin

  2. I love the silithid mounts! One day I hope to get the archaeology one so I can tour the countryside in style.

  3. What a great idea for the WoW crew shot! So who is the lucky bastard on the red one? :P

  4. Teeheehee, the lucky bastard on the red silithid is none other than the Red Cow herself! /ducks tomatoes