13 August 2011

Day 4: Greatest Accomplishment

Thus continues Saz of World of Saz's Through Your Interface: 15 Days of Screenshots challenge. You can find more participants here.

See Day 3: Representing You

Although I have done some other major things I'm proud of (The Insane, the 10m Ulduar drake), I think this has to go to The Scepter of the Shifting Sands.

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  1. Only one person per server can do that right?! I'm sure that's right.

    If so, congratulations for that!

    - Jamin

  2. Oh wow! That's definitely an achievement! It was gone by the time my man and I were ready to do that questline. Congratulations! :D

  3. @Jamin: Only one person can get credit for being the first on a server to complete the quest chain, but anyone (before it was removed) could complete the quest. I labored through it years after it was out of style :)

    @Essence: I really had to hustle to get it all done in time! Thanks :)

  4. My husband did that and OH BOY was that an epic quest line :) I'm really impressed :)

  5. Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing it.

  6. I absolutely loved that questline. Such a pain in the butt, sooo much fun to be had! A priest friend of mine and I did it together just before Cataclysm hit, and we giggled for hours.

    "I gave it to a minnow." ~Azuregos

  7. Redcow grats on that achievement! I was a few ingots short of the completing it (silly me didnt' realise the quest would be removed/destroyed) and so I was || close to getting it.. I was so sad.

  8. @Saz: Oh my goodness, Azuregos. He definitely made that quest.

    @Navi: Thank you! I had to bribe guildies into grinding with me to get those last few ingots.