05 July 2012

Faffin' around

Are you guys exhausted by all of the fanfic posts yet? There's a little bit of a break coming, so take a breath. Now would probably be a bad time to mention the just-created Fanfic Fridays?

This past weekend was the last free weekend I'll have until I leave Japan, so I spent it gorging myself on WoW. What? That's a perfectly acceptable use of my time. I visited the Midsummer fires on 3 toons and honored or peed on them as the situation called for. Sprinkie the mage gained a level and a half, which is nice because I don't particularly want to go through Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord again. I am looking forward to Sholazar Basin for whatever reason. Aka got Ahune's scythe, and my silly paladin found an Ice Chip in her bag! Anzu, however, remains Mob-of-Interest #1.

On Saturday night, I got a random tell from a level 1 asking me to come to a heroic 25 ICC. We didn't endeavor to do any particular achievements, although some simply happened. Sadly, WoW crashed and  wouldn't let me back in for around 10 minutes so I missed the entirety of the Valithria fight and almost got booted from the group. Everything was going well until we got to LK, when people were shot off the platform by the shadow puddles or stood in defile, and the RL unleashed an unexpected torrent of hatred on the group. Awww, your precious nerd rage, it tastes so good. I was having a great time watching Legend of Korra.

The next night, as I was tooling around the Faire on my mage, I got a tell from a former guildie (she didn't leave on the best of terms) asking me to bring a toon to the last 2 bosses of DS. I told her I couldn't go (I was engrossed in Tangled, okay) and she asked me who my main was. I told her and she stopped responding...guess she didn't remember me? For some reason that annoyed me. You don't even know who you are talking to but you try to get raiders for your new guild's raid? It's not any different from what the random from Saturday did, but considering she and I raided together for several weeks I thought she would at least recognize my name. Harrumph!

There's been lots of Mists information lately, and I am loving all of it! The shared mounts and pets are making me a very happy grinder. I'm chugging away at the Darkmoon Faire, having each alt buy a different pet so that eventually they will all be shared with my main! And the flippable table? You better believe I FLIPPED MY SHIT when I saw that. Holy crap! An item just for me! I actually haven't played in the beta for quite some time. Although they raised the level cap and opened up the final zone, I feel like I've gotten what information I needed and now I can wait to play it for reals. Seeing the pandaren starting zone was enough to give me an idea for my new character, and goofing my way through the 85+ quests helped solidify my plans for Aka's story. Now I just need a release date to plan around and I'm set!

Remember when I was curious about pandaren roleplay, namely what island characters would know about the rest of the world? As always, Anne Stickney comes through for me with a fantastic roundup of exactly how much Azerothian history they've missed out on.
aka: druid pajamas
dah: beach gear
aka: flattering, but protective
dah: please don't have the LW design druid bikinis...
In addition to more LW posts (gosh I love those guys), I've hopefully got a few more lead-in stories regarding Aka, Mists, and my newbie. There's also the rest of the city picspam posts (did you forget about the Silvermoon one?). Since I'll be using my laptop during the month of August, I'm hoping to queue up a ton of screenshot posts and maybe check in weekly via video! Finally, I'm knocking around the idea of creating a toon that only does holiday activities. If this means only doing level appropriate quests or trying to corpse run through high level areas remains to be seen. Also, I'm trying to decide between rogue/druid for stealth, hunter for pet distraction, or pally for plate protection and self healing. Any ideas?


  1. That's an intriguing idea! Druid because you get Stealth *and* self-healing?

    1. Hmm...just one more reason to love druids... :3

  2. I can't wait for MoP to come out. I have all but quit WOW because cata has gotten a little dull. I hope blizzard puts a little more effort to make MoP better than cata.

    Game On!

    1. So ready for MoP!! Cmon Blizz, release date already!