12 November 2012

#IntPiPoMo The Wanderer's Festival

While moping around lowbie Pandaria, I still managed to get a few exciting activities in. One such activity was the Wanderer's Festival in Krasarang, which I was reminded of by gen chat while questing. I wrapped up my quest-fishing detour-ing and headed to the beach for the closing ceremony.

Lots of other people were there waiting.
Most of them killed time by fishing or jumping around
Sadly I didn't have any pets high enough to take on this cutie
Turtle packs were ambling around
Some delicate flower showed up with an umbrella
They broke out the booze and snacks
Somehow these luminaries showed up in the water
Yeah nice
Then it was time for singing


  1. I keep forgetting about the Wanderer's Festival. I really should attend it one of these days *before* Patch 5.1 and the stupid Horde & Alliance war forces show up. (Not that I think that will stop the festival, but it will certainly alter the overall feel of the zone.)

  2. I still haven't heard the singing... I was busy pet battling :P

  3. Good point Kamalia... Better enjoy the relative peace and quiet of the beach while we still can.

  4. Ahh, is that where the festival is... I found the statue the other day and wondered why he was on his own out there on the beach xD Love these pics!