17 December 2012

#ffw Furtive Father Winter participants!

Emails have gone out! If you have not received an email from me about your gift recipient, or if you have any comments or questions, please reply here/use my contact form ASAP! Now the fun begins: please investigate your recipient's blog to see if it gives you any gift inspiration! Then, by December 31st, email them a gift post to publish!

Here are this year's contributors! I'm so pleased to see old and new faces, and I look forward to everyone's posts!

Akabeko (red cow rise) from Karegina!
Effraeti (Awaiting the Muse) from Cymre!
Kamalia (Kamalia et Alia) from Kialesse!
Cymre (Bubbles of Mischief) from Herculano!
Stubborn (Sheep the Diamond) from Carmelo M!
Amerence (Amerence Love WoW) from Delgadita & Kamalia!
Prinnie (That Was an Accident!)
Karegina (Ysera's Daughter) from Lib Feathers!
Navimie (The Daily Frostwolf) from Dahakha!
Draccus (A Druid's Doodling) from Delgadita!
Tyledres (Frost and Claws) from Jojo! (2, 3)
Typhoon Andrew (Eye of the Storm) from Garrosh Hellscream!
Incinderella (Incinderella's Fashion Emporium) from Noahdeer!
Noahdeer (Be MOP) from Oathblade!
Draynee (Pretty Fly for a Draenei) from Tyledres!
Nightwill (Info about WoW from the Altaholic) from Kaliy!
Lib Feathers (Fanfiction by Lib Feathers) from Incinderella!
Dahakha (*this will be hosted on red cow rise) from Kamalia!
Carmelo M (Clever Musings) from Amerence!
Jennifer (Escapist Scrawl) from Typhoon Andrew!
Arvash (The Crimson Hammer) from The Godmother!
The Godmother (Alt:ernative) from Stubborn!
Kaliy (The Casual Everythinger) from Jojo!
Garrosh Hellscream (The Warchief's Command Board) from Akabeko!
Jojo (Admiring Azeroth) from Xsinthis!
Xsinthis (The Golden Crusade) from Arvash!
Kialesse (Sisterhood of Kia)
Herculano (Herculano Unchained) from Navimie!


  1. Sooooooo what happens if you don't hear from the person you sent your post to, aaand what happens if you don't hear from anyone? :D Do we have a Furtive Grace Period?

    1. Lady Prinnie,

      I have to honestly and openly confess that my Furtuve Grace Period is all but run out. My gift is in the editing room, a very terrifying and dark place for any writing to be stuck in. I will be delivering the best of what survives shortly to your email with a lovely ribbon and box of chocolates attached.

      Please accept this undisciplined Druid's apology. His alter-ego has been lost in the realm of RL without good reason.

  2. Grace Period. Yeah. If I made a penny of all the times I've checked my email waiting to hear something from whoever has my name I'd be rich by now. Anyone have any patience to sell?

  3. Cymre got hers -- it was from Herculaneo:

    I still haven't recieved one, though, and I'm wondering if I should make a plea for them to re-send it -- I deleted unread an email from someone I didn't know that didn't have the "FFW" keyword in the subject line, and I'm beginning to worry that maybe that was really it.

  4. I *LOVE* reading all the entries here, and I've definitely found some new blogs to follow!

  5. I haven't got mine yet either. But I must admit that I thought the deadline was today and it was just luck that I did mine on time :)

  6. I didnt receive mine yet either too. but Ill wait. =)

  7. I haven't got mine yet either. But Ill just wait... they maybe busy with holiday when I submit mine it was the day of the deadline lol

  8. Perhaps if there's time, you can reach out to folks? I've tried to check in with my giftee to see if the post made it across the email nether, but email doesn't seem to be getting a response (I wonder if I'm getting redirected to the spam folder because of the address I use?), and I can't comment on her blog because it wants me to type a captcha ... but there is no captcha to type. CAPTCHA 22!!