18 January 2013

but still more search terms

Hey does anyone out there wanna write a really persuasive 200 character statement about why I deserve to have my second semester completely paid for by the school? Nobody? Oh well, let's do search terms and gifs instead.

whoever is searching for this blog because they know the exact url is making me THE HAPPIEST PIZZA 
beko gw
I have no idea what this means  but I'm assuming someone wants to know what I, Beko, am doing for Golden Week. The answer is: same as I do every vacation - eat myself into a stupor
colorful fairy tale land
fairy tale place pics
I assume this is because of the 15 Screenshots series made by Saz, in which one of the prompts was "a fairy tale image"
fight me irl
cool goblin with dark sunglasses
Are you perhaps referring to Sprinkie Sparklefizz, former Trade Prince-elect??
community troy thumbs up gifs
laid back in the purple grass
I have no idea
kirin mythology
You should just google it, really. But also check out these great piiiiics!!

best transmog for scarab lord
Haha, haha. I'm so sorry google thought this would be a good resource for you. Good luck 8D


  1. hahaha! Love those gifs - the cracker tongues is making me laugh!