07 January 2013

#ffw can I call you back??

I would love to repost my earlier Furtive Father Winter post with all the delightful links and be done with content for the day but ALAS! due to various unforeseen delays and one guy straight up disappearing off the face of the internet, not all the posts are ready!

I regret not being able to send more reminder emails over the holiday, but there were extenuating circumstances (my friend got the chicken pox what the actual hell) and frankly you guys didn't need to be reading politely insistent emails from me on Boxing Day.

Anyway, the deadline has come and gone and not all the posts are in but since it is currently FINALS TIME for me I don't have time to constantly check email anyway! For the one person who disappeared a plan is being put into effect, but for those of you who have yet to send your gifts but have emailed me about it, I am begging you to do that by the end of the week. Obviously I can't come to your house and make your brain think of great stuff (as evidenced by the fact that I've been trying to write an ostensibly easy 2 page paper for FOUR HOURS) but somehow, some way, please get it done! Your partner is waiting patiently for your post! Don't disappoint them or they might post crying gifs and I'll have to add them all to my inventory and then where will we be??

For those of you waiting, if you don't get something in your inbox by the end of the week, please email me to let me know and I'll give you an email address to check for in your spam folder and email your FFW.

Basically, I am humbly asking for a lot more communication in the form of email, twitter, blog comments, etc because I have even less time to scour your blogs for updates and links and the like! The outcome of my exams will directly affect my ability to get a scholarship, which in turn will determine whether or not I have to leave school earlier than anticipated. I'm sorry to be pathetic but please make this easy for me because I'm so busy I'm losing my miiiiiiind.......!!!


  1. I am mesmerized ... here ... take my hand ... oh noooooooo ...

    I have stuff to actually do but I can't leave that poor lizardy gif, lol.

  2. OMG that chameleon one is killing me LOL

  3. My FFW donor didn't manage to write a post for me, but she did give me a lovely in-game gift!

  4. If I may humbly request, if you do this next year may I join in too? I'll be the one face-planting in the mud...

    1. But of course! I will likely forget this conversation by next December, but there will be lots of advertising for it, so you'll be able to sign up ^_^