01 August 2013

#WoWscreenshotaday 1 Something beginning with N

It is me I have returned! With my final paper due tomorrow and my first ever paid translation-check waiting for review, all that remains is to hear the results of a job interview next week. All in all, things are looking up.

Which is great timing, because Tycertank of Toonacious has cordially invited others to participate in the WoW Screenshot a Day challenge. What better way to ease back into regular blogging than with something photographically creative? Not to mention I'm sure I can find a way to incorporate my beloved gifs into it...ah yes. There we go.

So today, the theme is "something beginning with N." As you can see above, I'm back, Nerdmigos!

For actual WoW screenshots, I present you with Nesingwary's camp in the Valley of the Four Winds, where Dah and I worked out some new ideas for the writing.

Just think of this as an alternate universe where everyone is happy.
2 Incomplete


  1. It that a yawning Mushan? I don't remember him, I've got to go check that out. Glad things are going well! Hoping for lots of gifs and story!

  2. Love it! And thanks for playing! :) I look forward to seeing your other screenshots!

  3. Oh that is a yawning mushan! What a cool shot!