06 August 2013

#WoWScreenshotaday 6 This means a lot to me!

I made this gif myself! It even got some notes on tumblr :3
I sure hope you guys are ready to get sappy. (WAS THAT A TREE PUN? YOU DECIDE.)


What's this here? This is Aka and Dah hanging out in Firelands as fire kitties, shortly after the lootable fire seeds hit the game. As this year consistently kicked my butt, I had less and less time to play, but Dah was always there to keep me up to date on in-game fun and make sure I enjoyed at least a LITTLE bit of what was going on. Add that to our invaluable friendship and ever-entertaining writing process, and just *sniffle* this is really important.
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5 Early
7 A sign

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