26 November 2010

A Visit from Neltharion

A Visit from Neltharion / The Night Before Cata

`Twas the night before Cata, and all through the zone,
Not a raider suspected a threat to their home.
The armor was piled, taking up space,
In hopes that new Justice points soon would replace.

The mounts were relaxing in their nether-stables,
Waiting for summons are soon as we`re able.
And I on my druid, and Izzy on her pally,
Had just settled in for a last raid of MC.

When out of the maelstrom arose such a wave,
We hearthed from the raid to something quite grave.
Away to the Barrens I flew on a flight path,
Was too late to see naught but the aftermath.

The moon on the land torn asunder by fire, 
Gave the impression of watching a funeral pyre.
When, what to my shocked eyes should arise,
But an enormous black dragon, terror of the skies.

Looking worse for the wear, with elementium siding,
I knew in a moment that it must be Deathwing. 
Hotter than Hellfire he shouted his rage,
And he clawed, and roared, declared the end of an age:

"Now Barrens! now, Darkshore! now, Stormwind`s Cathedral!
On houses, on lakes, on all Azeroth`s people!
From the peak of the mount, to the bottom of the sea,
Now burn it all, burn it up, burn before me!"

As old paper that crackles when placed in a flame,
The world was consumed in the Destroyer`s name.
From the depths of the world, the earth he disturbed,
With a heart full of rage, our towns he interred.

And then, from the mesas, I heard a great crash,
As Thousand Needles was consumed with a splash.
As I drew in myself and called for the Earthmother,
Deathwing returned, and I turned tail for cover.

 He was dressed all in plate, from his tail to his horn,
And his scales were all lava and rock in new form.
Reinforced metal he had stuck to his back,
And he looked like a weapon prepared to attack.

His eyes - how they burned! while sinking a ship,
His claws were like scythes, his tail like a whip.
His metal-made chin was comically wide,
Though no one was eager to venture inside.

In ferocious glee he bared his clenched teeth,
And the smoke encircled his head like a wreath.
He had a cruel face and a fierce sneering grin
That doubled when he roared and clawed at King Wrynn.

He was enormous and black, the king of his flight,
And I cowered when I saw him, unable to fight.
A gleam in his eye and a tilt of his head
Terrified me, and filled me with dread.

He roared with his hate and went straight for destruction,
And toppled our cities in fiery combustion.
And laughing aloud at those in death throes,
Surveying his work, over the flames he rose.

He spread out his wings, breathed flame in the sky,
And then flew away in search of more crime.
But I heard him exclaim of the pain he would bring:
"And all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings!" 


  1. Wow. That's quite something. I love the Night Before Christmas parody! It turned out great!

  2. Thank you! I couldn't help but giggle at the excessive morbidity as I was writing it, but looking back it is pretty dark, isn't it. Oh, Deathwing...