23 November 2010


Going to Zul'Gurub

Hakkar says hello
Sadly, I never raided Zul`Gurub at level. It was old news by the time I zoomed past 60 on my way to 70. When achievements went live I went in for the first time to get credit for killing Hakkar, and since then it`s been on my pug short list for rep gains. After I remade my dual spec to solobear, it was on my farm list for mount and rep items. I saved all my Shen`dralar librams to exchange for rep, which saved a lot of time, and then I was able to mail my rep items to guildies and coast to exalted on my mount runs.

Raptor, please!
Check out my dinos

I often wonder what level 60 raids felt like, since I can only compare them to what little I saw of BC and everything I know in Wrath. Mysteries I will never know about ZG: What did it feel like to kill Hakkar for the first time? Did those packs of trolls that constantly stun you pose a major threat? Did anyone actually farm up mats for a Shen`dralar arcanum in order to exchange it at NPC for a resist arcanum? Was it a pain in the ass to only have 3 days to work on progression before reset? Did the rare mounts cause huge raid drama?

Thanks, Bloodlord
For a few months I didn`t bother to run it; it was a pain to find a raid group, I had other reps to farm, I could always start running it after I was finished with X Y and Z. Then, it got a countdown and I began to farm every reset if I had time. I know of people who have farmed it nearly every reset for years and seen nothing drop, and guildies who have run it a scant few times and walked away with raptors. Like with the ZA bear and what will soon be all the Wrath raid mounts, I`m sad to think that I`ll not get any of them, but resigned to that likely fate (unless there's some appropriate place for them, right Blizz? :D). It made me less passionate about running it at every opportunity, but I tried to get in there when I had a chance. It`s a quick run, especially now that Zulian Mudskunks and Lures aren`t selling and I no longer need to fish.

Red sky

It`s a gorgeous dungeon and the bosses are so cool! Although unfortunate that I couldn`t experience it as current content, I`m glad I`ve seen it enough times to know what it was like as a raid. I walk away from it with an achievement, an exalted reputation, an interesting set of gear, a cute raptor pet, and fun memories.

Haruspex garb and my sweet staff

Haruspex garb and a sweet mace/offhand

Soloing Thekal

Final red sky


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Byebye ZG, may you haunt our mount-less dreams forever!

  2. Thank you! I hope the new zone is just as gorgeous :)

  3. ZG was my first raid, and remained one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing your lovely screenshots.

  4. I'm glad you liked them! The first one looks a little strange as I think it was taken on my macbook, but for some reason the color distortions are appealing...