28 October 2011

Lady Pandas | 行ってきます!

We got Ragnaros down after weeks of excruciating difficulty in the second transition phase. The attempt went so well I was still expecting the hard part when he went down! I'm so proud of my guild :)

Obligatory kill shot
Post-raid amusement
Now I can relax about having to miss Sunday's raid; the reason being that.....I'm taking a week vacation to visit guildies in Australia! We will be tooling around Melbourne doing all the good drinking, eating, and touristy things. I have posts queued up for the week, but please be aware that I will be unable to respond to messages until after I return :)

Finally, I have a special present for you behind the cut!

I'm not much of an artist, especially when it comes to animals (ask me about my hideously deformed tauren doodles!). I did want to poke at some female pandaren designs, however, so I collected sample shots of the dudes in game. It took a few attempts to get the body right, since at first they kept coming out like the super-deformed wide, short-but-not-fat bodies that haunted my youth. I also wanted to try out some different hairstyles and fur eye patches. I don't have a scanner - and didn't want to go all weeaboo on my coworkers - so these are photos of my drawings that I touched up in Photoshop. The male panda reference screenshots are linked above.

Straight-forward view
Don't worry, she's wearing pants. I realized belatedly they were the same color as her fur. The hairstyle is inspired by my students, who gather their bangs into a unicorn-like spray of hair directly on top of their heads.
I realized that if I didn't change colors my dollar-store markers would run out quickly. Here I'm trying out a longer hairstyle and some messier eye patches.
Target dummy training
Why not have red hair? Red hair is great. These eye patches were inspired by the night elf lady face tattoos.
Figurine pose
I couldn't resist going for a boy-band hairstyle, which I realized looks a lot like an emo anime character. At any rate, I call this eye patch shape  "eyeglasses."
Crane pose
This is probably my favorite drawing, in that I feel it came out pretty well, and I like the hairstyle a lot.


  1. Congrats on clearing Firelands! and I love the Female Panda in action! I like the Crane Pose haha! heee----yaaahh! =)

  2. Grats on Rag, and love the pandaren female drawings! I hope your flights aren't disrupted like mine (in Melbourne right now, leaving today though - or I'd like to do a /wave at my favourite red cow)

  3. Love the "eyeglasses" eye-patch shape sketch!

  4. I love your lady pandas! You should show us more of your drawings :D

    I've been thinking about possible colors and styles for lady Pandaren hair, but it hadn't occurred to me that different shapes of eye patches might be part of the customization options, too. It's a great idea. I wonder whether it would be part of the generalized "face" type, or a category of its own, akin to earrings or Tauren/Draenei horns or Goblin/Worgen ears or Night Elf tattoos?

    Oh, and big grats on the Rag kill!

  5. Congratulations on Ragnaros!

    Really like your female pandas (though the dollar store marker colors could use some improvement :-p). The boy-band panda made me laugh and for some reason made me think of Koreans. No idea why *shrug*. Epic-win on the crane pose drawing's hair--love it! Thank you for sharing your art

  6. Well done! Quite jealous, would love to have a shot at him.

    Also, some really cool pictures you created :)

    Here, have a cookie!

    - Jamin

  7. Yay! Rags kill! Good job :) My co-healer says that our kill on Rag was him stumbling over one or of our dead bodies/skeletons and hitting his head so hard he died.

  8. @Amerence: Thank you!

    @Navi: My flights went just fine, except for the part where EVERYONE WAS SICK and also I hate airplane seats ehehe. Hope your travels went well!

    @Gladiola: Thanks!

    @Kamalia: Thank you! I'm hoping that they have varied eye patches, maybe as a standalone option or as part of the different face options. I think that would be more interesting than jewelry options.

    @Lument: You're close on the hairstyle - I was going for a Japanese boyband look! Thanks :D

    @Jamin: hom nom nom cookie!! Thank you.

    @Raider: That makes a lot of sense. By the end the room was knee-deep with skeletons! Thanks :D