19 October 2011

Trick or Treat!

It seems that I am not done talking about Hallow's End yet. As my favorite holiday, I am positively loving the changes that have been made to the holiday. To begin, extra achievements were added to acknowledge the new candy buckets in Northrend (old news, I know) and the Cataclysm zones. This will make it easier to track my progress, at least the first time around on a toon.

In keeping with their drive to lessen the need to constantly be on WoW, the hourly trick or treating component has been entirely removed, in favor of three special currency vendors who sell masks, pets, and other items needed to complete the associated achievements for the holiday. There are also some extra goodies for those who have bought all they need and have currency left over. The currency is actually a candy, which can be looted from the Handfuls of Treats at each inn's pumpkin basket.

The last achievement I've been waiting on is A Mask for All Occasions. Before, this was a frustrating RNG-dependent achievement, but now I am looking forward to raking in my candy and cash from this year's candy buckets and buying the last few masks I need. Those who are fond of wearing their masks will be pleased to note that using a mask does not replace your helm but still displays the silly face.

The vanity items have expanded, from the Sinister Squashling and Horseman's Reins to a new Feline Familiar and Creepy Crate. The cat is purchasable with 150 of the new candy currency, and the crate comes from the simple new quest chain added this year. I wasn't a huge fan of the crate until I spent some time examining it. It makes cute creature-y noises when you click on it, and whatever is inside the box will occasionally poke out a hungry tongue or peep from the darkness with glowing red eyes.

As I expected, the Southshore series of quests has been replaced by rival dailies attacking Stormwind and Undercity, respectively. One quest taxis you around while you drop stink bombs on the opposing city and flags you for PVP when you dismount. You won't want to wander away after you dismount, because another daily sends you into the rival city to crash their Wickerman fun.

Right before I scheduled this post, I ended up reading Navimie's much more colorful version! Be sure to check that out here. Also, I happened to be poking around blogger and noticed my pageviews had exploded again thanks to a link from WoW Insider, causing me to fall out of my chair and field some awkward questions from coworkers ("Aka-sensei, are you...having trouble?") So hi to you all, hope you enjoyed the holiday post!


  1. You are quite welcome! I didn't know if I should even post this since you did it so much better >_>;;;