20 February 2012

Six of Six

Gasp! I've been tagged by Aralossien, Karegina, Saxsy, AND Glowberry for the Six Meme set in motion by Gnomeaggedon. The rules are simple: 
  • Go into your image folder. 
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image. 
  • Publish the image! 
  • Challenge six new bloggers. 
  • Link to them.
WoW > Screenshots > Maurene
This is my grumpy warlock in her fancy Outlands getup. Check out those blindingly white thighs! Whatever, she's (un)dead, she doesn't care. Like a honey badger.

My Pictures > man and wife
I like making gifs, so I often take screenshot sequences of stuff I'm watching to destroy it later. Here's one from The Princess Bride. Say "man and wife! Man and wife!"

Nikon Transfer > artsy fartsy > flickr
Many moons ago I tried to have a flickr, so I spent a little while pulling images I particularly liked out of my cesspool of photographs. Here's one that I took at a botanical garden in...Tokyo, I think? I'm pretty sure it was taken when my parents were visiting, and I met them in Tokyo. So, probably there.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
gifs > Alex "tableflip"
You guys know how I feel about gifs, so I thought I'd share the 6th from my gif folder. Even better, this is one I made myself!!

But now I have to choose people, oh noooo! Hopefully I won't get anyone who's already been tapped!


  1. omg...this is funny...I have a fresh install on this machine, might not have enough pics...but I am on it! (now I gotta find six more bloggers too)

  2. Here's me hoping that my image is something that is decent and is fit for public consumption! I'll publish it today :D

    1. Thanks for participating! I hope the meme can go around the J-blogging community too :)

    2. No one I tagged could find 6 other bloggers - that's how small Japanese WoW blogging community is >.<

      But it's been a lot of fun to check other bloggers' screenshots :D

    3. No worries about that! I just like that the meme is spreading EVERYWHEEEERRREEE

  3. I love that gif! Ah Aka, we're such trek nerds! Happy to finally see your 6th Meme post :)

    1. One day I need to show you my collection of Star Trek gifs :D