24 October 2010

Master of Wintergrasp

Master of Wintergrasp

I finally finished my Master of Wintergrasp achievement. It was a lot of fun to do and made me much better at PVP than before... My philosophy is still "run in, branches flailing" but I definitely improved my reaction time and CC abilities. I even had fun dpsing a bit, as I never used tree form in PVP. On the way I also got my 10K honorable kills achievement. It was one of my less proud Wintergrasp moments, as I was parked at the east wall eating a snack while the rest of the raid diligently racked up HKs for me.

10 000 Honorable Kills
There were other hijinks while spending the last 5 minutes of each battle diligently farming the graveyard. Much like my 10k achievement, it was easier to sit at a romantic picnic, surrounded by mole machines and mailboxes, and accumulate honor.

A romantic PVP picnic
Of  all the achievements that make up this meta, the one I am the most proud of is Wintergrasp Ranger. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to kill people in some of the locations if it were a 1 on 1 battle. What I did first was go to locations actually frequented during the battle. I would wait for tanks to show up to destroy the towers, then help defend them as allies came in to take them out. When the tower was destroyed I would follow the tanks to wherever they were headed next and try to pick up some more kills on the way. The workshops were easiest to get, obviously, while the Cauldron of Flames was the hardest. I found that the only good way to get any kills was to go there immediately after the battle had ended when the weekly was Fueling the Demolishers.

Wintergrasp Ranger
Unrelated to Wintergrasp, but a big deal nonetheless, is that my paladin got her Crusader title! Although it took me ages to level her, I missed out on all sorts of delicious rep opportunities by questing as efficiently as possible. The Argent Tournament maxed out all of my horde reps, and I only had to turn in a few writs at the end to get the last faction to exalted. Now I just need a Crusader's pony for her and she will be complete :D


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