31 October 2010

[spoilers] Goblin starting zone: compliments

I may have criticisms about the goblin starting zone, but that doesn't mean that I don't also love it! It's a fun, non-stop action packed story filled with laughs and explosions.


When you first load up your goblin gal, the cast for the story is basically already there. You meet the main player Sassy and through questing encounter the supporting roles. As your quests phase the world, the characters change too, regrouping, offering new quests in reaction to the changes, establishing their personalities.

As you change islands, the characters move with you. The mad scientist from your old HQ is now experimenting with food sources. Sassy is still your loyal assistant. Your friends Izzy, Ace, and Gobber still back you up. Coach is still coming up with game plans.

It sounds really cheesy, but in the final scene of the zone, after you've defeated Gallywix (well, put him in his place) and gather on the boat with the whole cast, it's so touching to have everyone there. It half reminds me of the final celebration in Star Wars where Obi Wan pops in, or the end of Wizard of Oz when Dorothy wakes up surrounded by familiar faces. "You were there, and you were there..."

The whole zone plays like a movie, with foreshadowing, suspense, recurring characters, problem, and solution. I think this is added to by the fact that every quest feeds into a central plot. Even when you're killing 10 of X mob or collecting 6 of Y item, the underlying goal is to facilitate the Trade Prince gambit, or later, goblin survival. The subplots also react to major quests and changes, so everything feels cohesive.


This guy is the snarkiest little experiment to ever steal my heart!
Look how cute my bank is! Let's break it open and steal its contents!!
They're ridiculously good-looking.
 Some hilarious quests:

The scenery is beautiful.


Because you're the Trade Prince competition, you get to tool around in a totally sweet ride. I love this car! I can't even begin to describe how much I love this car. Before, I mentioned that I can't stop driving on the roads in the zone. Part of that is because of how awesome this car is. It has a radio tuner! It has an aWOOga horn! When you hit citizens, they are thrown out of the way and shout about you being a public menace! I'm going to stand by my opinion that this be the racial mount until my fingers fall off from typing it!

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