13 September 2011


Yesterday was my one year blogiversary! It comes at an awkward time, when I haven't been playing very much lately due to a ridiculously busy summer schedule followed by a nearly uncontrollable urge to work on my current writing project (alas, it is not for this blog). I've also been making my way through Star Trek: The Next Generation, although when I get my cable for my fancy new TV even that won't stop me! The one good thing about taking a break is that now that I'm getting back into it everything feels fresh and new again.

As an unintentional gift, my Harvest Festival post was recently linked on WoW fucking Insider, which I discovered when I went to check the stats on my blog for this very post. So, thanks guys! Hope any new visitors learned something!

Perhaps it's cliche, but I have definitely learned a lot over the year, and I have some favorites from my trip down memory lane:

  • My various note-worthy achievements
  • The Goblin Journal series: I didn't think that Sprinkie's stories would amuse me so much, but they have quickly become one of my favorite pieces to write
  • The 2 memes I participated in were really fun, both as group projects and as a constant source of writing prompts
  • The mostly-solemn and rather personal snippets from Akabeko's life
  • The wonderfully creative Shared Topics suggested by bloggers at Blog Azeroth
  • Being interviewed on both Girls Gone WoW! and Waffle Bites

In general, I'm really glad to have a place to post my deep warcraft thoughts and share my triumphs (and screenshots!). I'm even more pleased that people are actually reading!

I tried googling various permutations of "blogiversary + event + celebrate" but all I got were pictures of cupcakes and contest giveaways. Sadly, I don't have anything worth giving away, but if you drop me a comment with a post request, I'll come up with one for you, too! Barring that, ask me any question you like!

Some stats from the year: 141 published posts, 5 pages, 284 comments (about half of them mine), 22,262 all-time pageviews, 10,870 US viewers, 40% Firefox users


  1. Grats on 1 year of writing this blog Red Cow! It has and continues to be a fun place to stop by and read about in game activity and other muses. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, hope you do not take offense, but in restarting to writing, the next post of Drac's story he fights with another tauren druid. The consequences are brutal, and it leaves him haunted. Let me know what you think, and if the battle plays out like you think a Tauren Druid would fight like.

  2. Happy Blogiversary, Akabeko! "red cow rise" is one of the delights of my blogroll :D Here's to another great year!

  3. Happy Blogiversary Aka! Looking forward to another year of fun reads from you :)

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  5. Here's to one more blog Anniversary, and for many more to come!

    Well done on getting the WoW Insider mention. Sure does give you that BOOST right?

    Keep it going,

    - Jamin

  6. Thank you everyone! I am so honored to have such wonderful readers :)