25 September 2011

Brewfest: Drink! Brawl! Drink! Brawl!

Back for a refill? Here is the second part of my Brewfest research:

If you haven't become a bierleichen (beer corpse) and still have your legs under you, grab the quest resulting from your successful defense from the Dark Iron attack and turn it in to get some Brewfest Prize Tokens! If you want to take the fight to the man responsible, queue up for the daily dungeon. Each day you fight Coren Direbrew, you will be awarded with a rare-quality Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest that potentially contains a rare item such as Direbrew's Remote, a Great Brewfest Kodo, a Swift Brewfest Ram, the Tremendous Tankard O' Terror, or Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker. Defeating Coren at level 85 awards justice points, gold, and a chance at the following: Coren's Chilled Chromium Coaster, Petrified Pickled Egg, Mithril Stopwatch, Brawler's Trophy, Bitterer Balebrew Charm, Bubblier Brightbrew Charm (say those 5 times fast!). Be sure to actually loot the body the first time you fight him during the holiday for the quest item!

By doing the many quests associated with the holiday, you can save up your tokens for fabulous prizes! First, let's look at the sweet duds you can get. There are 4 colors of Brewfest Hats, which resemble the Tiroler Hüte. Since goat hair was very expensive, the more hair in the tuft on the hat, the wealthier the wearer. I guess all of us hat-wearing folks are pretty fancy! Brewfest Regalia is based on an outfit of shirt, suspenders, and lederhosen, completed with Brewfest Boots. The Brewfest Dress and Brewfest Slippers are based on the dirndl, apron, and shoes. If you are looking for a fashionable and useful piece of headgear, switch out your Brewfest Hat for a pair of Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles.

Lederhosen and dirndl
After buying your festive costume and Brew of the Month club membership, you may have some leftover tokens for the Pony Keg, Keg Pony, or Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm. The Pachyderm is a minipet similar to the Pink Elekks you have to zap for a quest, and like that Elekk, can only be seen by players when they are intoxicated. The concept of "seeing pink elephants" as an alcohol-induced hallucination was originally written about in an autobiography when describing a drunkard: "the man whom we all know [...] who sees, in the extremity of his ecstasy, blue mice and pink elephants. He is the type that gives rise to the jokes in the funny papers." Perhaps the cutest of all the references is from Dumbo, when the titular elephant takes a drink of champagne and has a vision of Pink Elephants on Parade.

The other minipet for this holiday is the Wolpertinger, which comes as a reward from a quest. Although you always receive the same pet every year, it is now vendorable so you don't have to feel bad destroying the tankard. A wolpertinger is a creature from Bavarian folklore said to live in the alpine forests. It typically has wings, antlers, fangs, and a tail attached to the body of a rabbit or squirrel. The best way to catch a wolpertinger is for a beautiful woman to expose her breasts to it, causing it to become intoxicated. It is similar to the North American jackalope, which humorously is also fabled to be lured by leaving out whiskey, intoxicating it and making it easier to pursue.

nom nom nom
So you've done all the quests and played dressup, which must have made you hungry, right? Oktoberfest has a slew of mouthwatering foods, from chicken to pork to bread to fish to cabbage to cheese. I'm hungry just thinking about it. Brewfest features a surprising array of food, some of it year-round fare and some of it holiday-specific. The cheese vendor will sell you Spiced Onion Cheese (obatzda), the bread vendor will sell you The Essential Brewfest Pretzel (brezn), and the sausage vendor will set you up with sausages of all kinds: Dried (the icon makes it look like Beutelwurst), Succulent, Savory, Pickled, Spicy Smoked, and The Golden Link (likely Gelbwurst). Brewfest is missing other kinds of meat like fish and chicken, and also sauerkraut.

As far as drinks go, Brewfest has you covered for all kinds of fermented fun. The Thunderbrew vendor can set you up with their Stout and Ale, along with Thunder 45. Their Barleybrew rivals offer Clear, Light, and Dark. T'chali's Voodoo has an interesting (troubling?) selection of Brewdoo Magic, Jungle River Water, and Stout Shrunken Head. Drohn's Distillery has significantly less amusingly-named beer: Small Step Brew, Long Stride Brew, and Path of Brew. Last but not least are the Gordok ogres with their Mudder's Milk, Gordok Grog, and Ogre Mead.

The Brew of the Month Club keeps you swimming in bubbles all year round. Looking at the buffs (or debuffs) that drinking each provides, we can guess at what some of them are referencing.
January - Wild Winter Pilsner - The Beast Within
* Triple Rock Winter Pilsner is brewed in California
February - Izzard's Ever Flavor - Gassy
* a combination of Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstoppers and his Fizzy Lifting Drinks; Iz'zard is an ethereal in Shatt'rath whose body is pink in homage of comedian Eddie Izzard
March - Aromatic Honey Brew - Honey Touched
* Honey is typically used in mead, but also for some beers
April - Metok's Bubble Bock - Bloated
* Maibok or Helles bock, a more carbonated springtime beer
May - Springtime Stout - Flower Child
* hippies! (E. S. Kelley's Springtime Stout is a discontinued beer)
June - Blackrock Lager - Internal Combustion
* referencing the location of Blackrock and similar drinks like the Sulfuron Slammer; some lagers are so dark they are called "black beer"
July - Stranglethorn Brew - Jungle Madness!
* Welcome to the jungle, indeed
August - Draenic Pale Ale - Summon Pink Elekk Guardian
* Delirium Tremens Beer, a pale ale featuring a pink elephant on the label
September - Binary Brew - Speak goblin/gnomish binary
* Binary Brew is a blog devoted to brewing
October - Autumnal Acorn Ale - Watched
* Acorn Brewery is a brewing company, and this thread explores using acorns in brewing
November - Bartlett's Bitter Brew - Nauseous
* There are several Bartlett's in Azeroth, 3 human and 3 undead. My guess would be Daniel Bartlett, since he is a trade supplier, and I would definitely describe the forsaken as "bitter"; Bitter is a type of pale ale, with variations of session/ordinary bitter, best/regular bitter, and premium/strong bitter.
December -  Lord of Frost's Private Label - Chilled
* Who knew Ahune brewed his own beer?

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