17 November 2011

Blog Azeroth: Thanks Giving 2011

Amerence of Amerence Love WoW has come up with a wonderful event for this year's Pilgrim's Bounty. She's encouraging bloggers to give thanks, be it with a picture, story, or short note, to their fellow bloggers during the week of November 19th - 26th. Giving has its own rewards, as well, because a team of judges will pick the top three posts and distribute some wonderful prizes! Get all the important details here at her site; there's still time to participate!


  1. Thanks Aka! I am really excited for this! And giving out prizes at my cost is no problem with me an early Christmas gift from me to whoever wins this event, It's more like thanking you guys for the love links, commentaries, retweets and welcome me in the community, especially to Blog Azeroth who gave me an opportunity to do what I can in the community. I am so honored to be the host and sponsor of this event! Looking forward to read your entry!!! =D Good Luck!

  2. I'm so glad that you thought of this event! I'm looking forward to seeing all the posts about it.