09 November 2011


Choice is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it leads to me not being able to do anything! As indecisive as I am, sometimes limited options make it easier to choose, especially when nothing in particular appeals to me. Before I played WoW, I honestly used to make lists of things I could do to try to help me choose. Drawing? Reading? Playing some other game? Then, when I started playing WoW, it was leveling? Heroic? Rep grind?

None of my current grinds on Aka are particularly appealing to me at the moment, but when it comes to alts I seem to have lost my steam. Holidays, and their gold-or-XP-rich dailies, are the only thing that makes me think, "Gah! I have to do this on all my alts!"

During Hallow's End I realized - I don't actually like some of my alts, so why do I care if they get XP? Furthermore, if I get XP on alts that I like, won't I cut my leveling short? Being a completionist is dangerous - I want all the achieves on Aka, and if I don't get them on my alts, the least I could do is get them holiday freebie XP, right? Wrong! What am I even thinking?? If I do holiday dailies, I'm missing out on at-level quests, and I'm not even using the character's spells to do it!

One of the reasons I enjoyed my pally so much when leveling was that I was actively questing with her. During those holidays I didn't mind the dailies because I immediately went back to questing afterwards. Now that she's max level, I don't play her for more than profession leveling and easy gold from select dailies.

Time constraints have limited my current alt-playing ability, so gaining levels via holiday dailies is just shooting myself in the foot! If I blow through the leveling experience, soon I'll hit max level and stop playing that toon. I don't want to do that! I want to enjoy the journey to 85. I just have to ignore the burning desire to do all the things.


  1. Oh, Akabeko! Oh, Akabeko!! ((huggle))

    I have exactly the same dilemmas with my flock of alts!

    I almost prefer to do holiday dailies & stuff with my lower priority alts -- the ones that I want to have levels just so that they can wear pretty clothes, but that I don't care much about questing "in the real world" with. But then, I also usually want some of the holiday goodies for my higher priority alts -- the ones that I DO want to quest and level "in the real world" with -- and I angst about how the holiday XP will push them past their current questing zones/storylines.

    I was just thinking about how Pilgrim's Bounty is coming up and which alts I should choose to do those quests this year. I've got so many alts now that I have to pick a limited selection of them to do holiday stuff with. I've been choosing two or three to go all out and do as much as I can with, and just doing the easiest-to-reach stuff with any other alts I happen to log on with during the holiday period.

  2. Choice can be a double edged sword!

    - Jamin

  3. @kamalia: Aahhh! I'm so glad I'm not alone ;~; ((cling)) I may take a page out of your book and make a list of alts I want to do certain holidays / quests on just to keep them fresh and unleveled for their chosen activity.