26 April 2012

Zombie Hop

What's up with that title? I don't know, go listen to the song (by Zombina & The Skeletones). This week has been weird...after stressing over an application it's now over and done and I feel kinda slow and droopy. As such, I didn't have time to put the lovely finishing touches on my next post and instead you get screenshots: the miscellaneous edition. If you wanna really make this a party, check out some of these fantastically bizarre words (I think I found a new blog title - adoxography: skilled writing on an unimportant subject).

Giant gnome
Grizzly tree
I want YOU!
Malorne goes apeshit
Titan buildings
Trapped in amber
Do not jump

And then we all died
Standing in midair


  1. Zombie Hop notwithstanding, your miscellaneous pics remind me of the old INXS songs Need You Tonight/Mediate. Well, the Mediate half, anyway.

  2. Who doesn't love random pics that make you giggle? :D I certainly love them.

  3. The, "And then we all died one" cracked me up, I learned to hate that ship!