23 April 2012

Wait up, bandwagon! I'm coming!!

So, I'm not a great beta tester. This might piss some people off, that I'm not going around trying to get myself stuck in invisible holes or bug out a quest NPC, but really I just wanted to get to know my future pandaren lady. What's her story? What does she like? Who are her friends? Being able to inspect her appearance and play her opening story helps me to plan her eventual plot. Plus, I think we've talked about this, I love starting zones! There's something comforting about those introductory quests, the solitude of the area, and the nostalgic appreciation of all those character "firsts."

I wasn't able to successfully download the beta until the problematic Ji Firepaw quest text had already been changed. Really, there's no difference. I mean, he still reminds me of Homer Simpson, if Homer Simpson were capable of formulating a plan of action. The good thing about it taking me so long to finally get playing is that there have already been a host of good responses. Check them out: the original piece at Apple Cider Mage, her response to the change, Peregrina's well-written two cents, and Morrighan's impassioned post.

I'm glad they took out that difference in quest text. Unsolicited commentary on my appearance has always been a prickly subject. Having grown up constantly bombarded by the message that I'm too short, too fat, too greasy, too mannish, too everything, any commentary on that will be fraught with past traumas. It's not that I don't want compliments. I just don't want ones that indicate you're too uncreative to think of anything other than the tired and blatantly obvious. Before you get all contrary and start yammering about how "you don't even want me to COMPLIMENT YOU? You must be the saddest killjoy in all of No Funnington," let me remind you that there are a TON of other ways to compliment someone without potentially weirding them out with a comment on their looks!

If Ji were hosting a pandaren beauty contest and told me I was a hot piece of pandameat, I would be like "Yes!! Just wait until the swimsuit portion, LADIES." But I'm not going to him to be evaluated on my prize-winning ducklips face; I'm reporting for duty to help my people. I want his reaction to reflect my obvious ability to help. "Damn, girl, you look like you could hoist me over your head!" Hell yeah I can! I'm ripped! (wrapped in a protective layer of padding!)

Imagine recommending this blog to someone. "Follow red cow rise; Aka's a total babe." Be that as it may, it doesn't really relate to the content. "Follow red cow rise; Aka's a great writer and funny as hell." Accurate, and more importantly, relevant!

Here, I've gone and done some more potential situations for you:

GYM: "Cute face!"  ==>  "Wow, you're really strong/flexible/fast!"
KARAOKE: "You're sexy!"  ==>  "Your voice is incredible!" "You pick the best songs!"
COOKING: "Nice butt!"  ==>  "This soup is amazing!"
FASHION: "Those are some Great New York Boobs!"  ==>  "That outfit is fierce as hell!"


  1. LOL Aka at your attempt to increase pageviews by incorporating the words Boobs, sexy, butt and babe. <3

    Sure, sure you didn't think of THAT did ya :P

    1. I gotta tell ya, I have never attempted to buff pageviews by keywords. I just make posts (like the Mandarin pronunciation one) and hope they are so incredibly amazing that people link to them. Not to mention talking about perceptions of beauty will lead to using words associated with it :P

      That having been said

      is that keyword-y enough for ya? 8D

  2. I think I will just take these examples and use them the other way around. So, from now on, if I find that someone has a great butt, I will say "Damn, this soup is amazing!" instead.

    1. Alternatively, I might also say they are callipygean. ... I'm having way too much fun with these stupid words.