14 June 2012

Sweet sweet poetry

I turned to twitter for today's post and was rewarded with many ideas from current friends/former guildies. Thanks ladies!

Once upon a time I liked to beg for /RW capabilities in raid. In the unfortunate case that I received them, I would proceed to compose haiku and share them with the raid mid-fight. It then turned naturally into a forum thread and tonight I will present you with the results.

Some haiku from raid
I wrote them to raise morale
Got any to add?

Dahakha can type
It just takes him forever
Such a travesty

Tough but fair RL
Ruling with an iron fist
My Princess Dragons

Friggin Ruby Sanctum
Halion is going down
Let's make it happen

Haiku are awesome
Want to see more, please
Back to you, Beko

Transition phase 3
Melee dps slow down
Ok hit bloodlust

Don't stand in the fire
Healer can't heal through stupid
See, now you are dead

Cutter beams sweep left
The Warlock runs to the right
Beware the shadows

Akabeko is awesome
Tree form then kitty
Healing our arses

From tonight's Sunwell
Sorry if you have seen them
I like to make lists:

You don't need two heals
I think Sunwell is for noobs
I solo'd that shit

Equipping gear now
Are you ready for awesome?
This is super fun

Who the hell is that?
The tree jumping in the back
Is she gonna heal?

Will you heal LK?
Why won't you tank the shambling?!
Oops! Ninja DC.

Where is Thysan's haiku?
Does no-one love her anymore?
This makes her saddest.

Too many instances
Frustrated Beko is frustrated
Damn you Guard Slip'kik!

Herb herb herb herb herb
Herby herby herby herb
Thankyou Thysanotus!

Only one keeper
Pull your collective fingers
out of your arses

female tanks are rare
we tank as well as the boys
even in high heels.

don’t look so smug, I
know what you’re thinking, but it
was just a set-back!

spell leather keeps dropping
RNG wants me to boomkin
i cry for more stam

i love you so dragons,
when you misdirect to me
gaining aggro is wonderful.

Oh Thysanotus
My favoritest tank ever
How are you today?

You're herbing for Dah?
Why not give your herbs to me?
I love you much more~

Carry me to loot
Please tank all of the bosses
I don't want to work

the LK is sulky
his valkyrs won't play with him
they don't like his lootz.

thysan learnt tonight
that you can measure attack speed
from your character.

yogg-saron is tricky
there are too many tentacles
thysan is disturbed.

Shouldn't be left in the 'care'
of Akabeko

So I did this quest
for the Harvest Festival
and received a book

In The Horde's Hellscream
there are, believe it or not
pages of haiku!

invites for weekly
sing out if you want one please
although em leads.

summon thysan please
and she will tank monsters for you
with her big bear butt.

please share the weekly
thysan does not have this quest
she wants the gold coins.

thysan will be back
she needs to get a jumper
melbourne is very cold.

there is a whole kan-
-garoo on my head right now
at least it is warm

watch out for choppers
kill the dwarves and the spiders
take down the towers!

on the edge of our seats
as EM figures out raid
let's kill the LK!

A witty retort
But what say you to a bear
dual-wielding sharks?

That's not a problem
Cuz all loot is hunter loot
Already got those

She'll take out that bear in style
PS: She's a dragon, bitch

Bonus lines from tanka poetry ( 5 - 7 - 5 - 7 - 7 )

Thirteen Jin'do kills.
Still no Mandokir's Tribute.
Chicken Splitter Blues.

Edit: A fourteenth triumph.
Dagger, Shield, a Chaos Orb.
My patience wears thin.

Kill number fifteen.
Same loot, same blue bow in hand.
I blame Beko's Nuts.

Why play a hunter
Don't you know they're ranged rogues
Stabbing stuff is fun

Precisely, Mojo.
All the range of a warlock
but plays like a rogue.

I can do ranged deeps
as long as it is faceroll.
Inb4 "frost mage".

For some DERP reason
the whole cast bar mechanic
doesn't work for me.

Give me instant spells,
instant shots, instant attacks
and I will melt face.


  1. Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing :D The ones about actual fight mechanics are so clever!

  2. Hey look, who's that there?
    Best. Title. Ever.

  3. Man, we're amazing. It's true.

  4. Outstanding effort!
    Hats off to all your guildies
    An amazing post.

  5. @Kamalia: I know! My guildies are so clever *_*

    @Rades and Navi: YOU GUYS RESPONDED IN HAIKU LET ME LOVE YOU (hug attack)

    @Dragons: Hells yeah you are amazing <3

  6. Oh, I love haiku
    The topic doesn't matter
    But love Azeroth

  7. I miss raid leading,
    I also miss melting face,
    Mainly I miss you.

    Recovering WoW addict,
    wishes she was killing inter-
    -net dragons, with friends.

    But I'm saying no
    to my personal addiction.
    Crack is bad for me.

    I will always be,
    Kingslayer Herebedragons.
    You know it, mofo.

    I'll never kill death-
    wing. But that's okay. You'll have
    my back. Because. Friends.

    I can exercise my
    addiction through you. Because,
    well. Friends forever.

    Did that make sense?
    Haikus are not my strong point.
    Best RL ever, though.

  8. @Matty, Dragons: OMG stop it
    Your haiku are perfection
    On this haiku post