26 February 2013

a herd of cows

I'm loath to break up Dah's upcoming series of fiction posts, but since the next installment isn't quite ready for publication, I'm here to bring you pictures of COWWWWWWS!

pet me
Kitano Tenmangu is a big shrine near-ish my house that is popular with students looking for academic success. The grounds are covered in plum trees, which should be in bloom now but are taking their sweet flowery time. There are also cow statues and figures everywhere, which you can rub for some extra study luck. They just had a very cool event with geiko and maiko serving tea and looking fabulous, but instead of going and taking pictures I lost my phone in the surrounding festival stalls and spent the afternoon panicking until I went to the police station and discovered someone had turned it in to lost and found. OPPORTUNITY: LOST. Still, faith in humanity: somewhat restored.

Anyway the last time I went, having not lost my phone I was able to devote some time to photos. This was followed by ~shopping~ and I found some great new red cow paraphernalia! MY COWS LET ME SHOW YOU THEM.

take your time why don't ya it's not like i'm WAITING or anything

lonely plums
the cutest moo

Aka and her big sis Kurobeko
chillaxing on my bookcase with tweedle dee and tweedle dum
I also got the red keychain in the bottom right,  but that's for year of the bull TECHNICALLY