20 February 2013

I went to Karazhan...

...and all I got were these lousy screenshots -- actually I take that back.

*beevis laugh*
That's some nice...artwork...you got there
My favorite :) And I won the Ruby Slippers!! *pterodactyl screech*
"Try not to die" "Sure thing"
"Do you think I'll be safe out here?"
Spoiler alert: I was not
I got a ton of stuff, and it's all thanks to my friend Sizzle who VERY GENEROUSLY decided to take me to hit up some BC heroics, followed by nearly all of Kara.

And now, a reenactment of Wei's journey through her 60s as told by gifs:

I started my journey in HFP at the tender low level of 60 and ACTUALLY did some quests before skipping off to Zangarmarsh, which I greatly prefer.
I'm always really excited to get to Zangar, just for the relief on my eyes!
Even though I do love it, somewhere around the 100th naga kill I wanna move on
But then it's between Nagrand or going to investigate Shattrath and...sigh...just not feeling either of them.
I get through it somehow, and then Sizzle is all "get in loser we're going heroicing"


  1. Yay slippers! I did however think you got the mount when I first wandered over... And the gifs are not loading properly on this stupid iPad!! Grrr