26 April 2013

Dahakhabeko's One Time Fun Time podcast!

Hey readers! Yeah, all three of you! I know you're reading all this fanfic Dahakha and I are posting, because that's what this blog has been all about lately. Every comment on each chapter is like a wonderful nugget of chocolate, but we want to talk more with you! Perhaps...you might like to talk to us too?

let us commune like little dancing flowers

Who: Dahakha & Akabeko & AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION. If you've never commented, now is the time! It's ~fun and easy~ to do!
I would like, if I may
What: Ask the authors! Do you have comments or questions about any of the stories posted here? Are you curious about the characters, storyline, collaboration or writing process? We want to hear your thoughts, be they short, long, deep, simple, or any number of other adjectives! If you need a refresher, check out the Series page.

When: TBA (in about a week, or when it's clear no one can think of anything else to say >_>)

Where: Why, redcowrise, of course! (I do not want to figure out how to do a live show!)

Why: Because I'm asking nicely! Also wouldn't it be a nice change of pace to non-stop GRIPPING FICTION??

How: Comment on this post, or tweet us @redcowrise!


  1. I should apologise that I don't comment on the posts, even if it was just to go "AAAAAAAAA OMG" every time!

    Question 1: when is this being made into a book
    Question 2: is there lots left?
    Question 3: has this been as much fun to do as you thought?
    Question 4: favourite form of potatoes

  2. I read the Pendergast novels by Preston & Child along with the Dahakhabeko series. Finally I can ask the authors! How do you collaborate? Do you brainstorm and then one author writes it and the other critiques? Do you alternate? I've always wondered how this happens?

  3. Question 1: I'm curious what sort of collaboration takes place? Is there an overall "plan" or is it more both of you take turns & do bits independently, and keep improvising as the story builds/continues?
    Question 2: DUBENKO

  4. Hmm, well, Tome and Rades have already asked the questions about your writing process that I had in mind, and more eloquently than I would have done.

    Currently, we're seeing the adventures of Akabeko and Hadakha. Will we see more of alternate-universe!Dahakha, eventually?

    What is your favorite form of sweets, and what sorts of sweets do you suppose that Tauren enjoy the most?

  5. Thank you all, this is good stuff!

    Keep questions/comments coming, time is running out! (I think Aka is impatient to get her baby....er....made.....soon.../slinks off in shame)

  6. Oh I haven't commented!
    How do you get guest appearances in, like Kamalia? :)
    I want to see Dahahka.... is he ever going to get more story.
    Can we have more pictures :D