11 April 2013

My platform: the internet is too damn slow

After a round of Tuesday restarts, I suddenly found myself unable to log in. Considering the semester just started and I expect things will get busy pretty soon, I was really bummed to not be able to log in when I actually had free time.

browsing thru my gifs and thought "wow what luck this is perfectly accurate"
Anyway, not wanting to write to CS right away, I first went through a checklist of DIY checks and repairs to see if I could find, and hopefully fix, the problem. For those of you following my twitter, you already know that plan failed and I ended up emailing CS for help. Based on the results of the various tests I did, their response was that my connection was too slow and the servers were more or less telling me to give up. They told me this problem would likely be fixed the following week, and to email them when I could log back in to get the days lost credited to me.

well done, CS, not only were you right but you were very nice
One of the suggestions you're likely familiar with was to delete the WTF, Interface, and Cache folders. Well...the suggestion is usually to remove them by placing them somewhere else. Of course, in my fit of rage, I straight up deleted them.

when it comes to computer troubles, i sometimes cut off my nose to spite my digital face :/
After a week, I figured I would be able to log back in and opened Curse, figuring I would update addons before opening the game. Imagine my surprise when "no addons were found."

The good news is that WoW connected with no problems!

did u miss me, babbies?
The better news is that since I'm too lazy to clean my recycle bin, I was able to restore the folders and get my addons back!

i wish i could be so graceful with my victory dances...

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  1. Good to hear things got fixed.

    We had DNS issues with our ISP last evening, and right before I was going to be able to actually talk to someone, everything magically fixed itself. Coincidence? I think not.