30 April 2013

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I need a moment to complain about completely unrelated game stuff. This semester, for the time being at least, I am finding the time to log into WoW a few nights a week to do some leveling. The resurgence of my favored gametime means that I spend less time dicking around on my phone apps (plus, the home button is hit or miss these days and I can't really afford to repair it). Still, every once in a while I like to fool around on one of a few brightly-colored games, and my most recent crush is called "The Tribez."

As far as app games go, it's pretty simple. Build stuff, gather resources, build more stuff. Quests give your objectives to build more stuff and gather more resources. Good stuff. I turned off push notifications because I don't need more reasons for my phone to buzz at me.


The game still sends me silent notifications. That's fine - at least, it would be if it were actual useful information like "Crops are ready to be harvested" or what-have-you. But it doesn't just stop there. The game sends me threats, tries to cajole me into playing when I'm just trying to check the time or the weather or send a text. "Bad guys set your buildings on fire!" "Your villagers have grown bored!"

Because this is my blog, I get to tell you how angry this makes me. I go to class, I go to work, I exercise and hang out with friends and even occasionally clean my room. Oh, and I frequently use my phone for PHONE-RELATED ACTIVITIES. Now, sometimes that means I'm trolling instagram, but it's my free time and I get to decide how I waste it. So to get these snide little popups chastising me for not playing a stupid little game? GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE. Shame on whoever wrote them, and double shame because they make me want to ignore the app even longer instead of convincing me to play (and maybe spend my hard-earned dollars on in game perks!)

Ok now I shall share with you a happy game story. Last semester, we did a lot of self introductions - every single class in the first week, in fact. By the third class or so, everyone was sick of it. The teachers tried to come up with ways to make it more tolerable, but that mostly amounted to "tell us ANOTHER unknown fact!"

Well, anyway, at one point I went with "I like to play video games." A girl sitting in the back, who I have since become friends with, immediately sat up in excitement. After class she approached me shyly.

"So you like games? Which ones do you play?"

"Well, I like playing computer games the most." I briefly, awkwardly described WoW to her. "So what games do you like?"

She immediately pulled out her phone. "Right now, I'm playing this one all the time!" She showed me a puzzle game and let me play a level. Since then we have also heavily abused the camera function of her DS.

We don't talk a lot about video games when we're together, but I'm so grateful that we could bond through a shared interest!

c'mere, gamer friends
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  1. I feel your pain, I had a game that would send me text messages telling me to play. No, not telling me what was happening in the game, just flat out telling me:


    Best part? I got fucking charged for that text message. Can you say insta-gone?

    Anyway, I should have a pretty good question for you come tomorrow. I had started commenting but I fudged it and have to start again. Anyway it's late and I'm sure I'm not even making sense at this point. SOUFFLÉ!


    1. That is the best sign-off to a comment ever. :D

    2. I would be SO INCENSED if a game started sending me actual TEXTS. I completely understand your rage omfg.

      I just got your message and it is wonderful XD Thank you!!