12 February 2011

Things you can do in: Deepholm

Some things you might do in Deepholm.



Explore Deepholm - See the locations listed. One of the easier ones to get, so long as you fly over all the different colors on the map. Contributes to the meta-achievements Explore Cataclysm and World Explorer.


Deep Into Deepholm - the zone quest achievement. Although it says 125 on the counter, it's actually 110 quests. Contributes to the meta-achievement Loremaster of Cataclysm.

Fungal Frenzy - Get all 4 debuffs from Poolstool, Shuffletruffle, Shrinkshroom, and Trapcap simultaneously.

* Each debuff lasts for 2 minutes, except for the Trapcap which has no debuff and therefore must be completed last. You get the debuff by destroying the mushrooms while on the Fungal Fury daily, which is offered by Gorsik the Tumultuous every day. Two minutes is very generous, and you should be able to get it in no time once you know what you are looking for.

Poolstool, Shuffletruffle, Shrinkshroom, Trapcap
My Very Own Broodmother - Complete The Restless Brood within 90 seconds of striking the resonating crystal.

* Anyone in combat with the broodmother gets credit for her surrender. If you see a battle already in progress, make sure that the questgiver is there (he is summoned when you strike the crystal), then jump into the battle and get credit for the surrender. AFTER the battle you can strike the crystal to get credit, then immediately turn it in. You get credit for the achievement when you turn in the quest.

Fungalophobia - Don't take any damage from Fungalmancer Glop's Boom Shrooms. You must be on the Glop, Son of Glop daily quest.

* This only refers to the Boom Shrooms that Glop throws at you during the fight, not the untargetable mushrooms in the cave. You can either avoid the mushrooms he throws or kill them. You get the achievement upon killing Glop.

The Glop Family Line - Complete the Glop, Son of Glop daily 10 times. This quest is only available sometimes, offered by Ruberick after you hit Revered with Therazane.

* I definitely recommend grouping for this if you see any of your faction waiting on the spawn, as it is annoying to wait for people to do it one at a time. Even if you form the group after the quest has been started, you will get credit for talking to Norsala upon Glop's death.

Rock Lover - Complete the Lost in the Deeps daily 10 times. The quest is only available sometimes, offered by Pyrite Stonetender.


[Heroic] The Stonecore - completed upon killing High Priestess Azil. The heroic counts towards the metas Cataclysm Dungeon Hero and Defender of a Shattered World, and a guild group will earn credit for the Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero.

Rotten to the Core - Defeat 60 Devout Followers within 10 seconds during the Azil encounter. This counts for the meta Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.

* It's important to make sure that the encounter has officially started - you must wait for Azil to land and for her shield to fade before nuking the adds.


Nothing here, boss!


The Earthen Ring - you can get to 4360 Honored via quests (beginning at 870 Friendly after Vashj'ir quests and earning 9490 rep unbuffed). Provisioner Arok can be found at 49.1,42.1 in Silver Tide Hollow in Shimmering Expanse.

Therazane - you can get to 3430 Honored via quests (beginning at 0 Hated and earning 54400 rep unbuffed). D'lom the Collector can be found at 56.9,13.2 at Therazane's Throne.


Pebble - You first meet this little rock elemental when questing for Kor. He has a series of adorable quests, and eventually becomes the object of the daily quest Lost in the Deeps. Complete this daily 10 times and you have your Pebble!

Tiny Shale Spider - dropped by the rarespawn Jadefang.

* It's easy to reach the cave where Jadefang spawns by using the bombs from the daily quest Underground Economy. If you go to where Pebble spawns for his daily, you will see the cave opening to your right. Simply place a bomb behind you and let it explode you across the gap. Comments on Wowhead suggest a spawn time anywhere between 7 and 13 hours.


Vitreous Stone Drake - dropped by Slabhide in the Stonecore on normal and heroic.

Phosphorescent Stone Drake - dropped by the rarespawn Aeonaxx.

* Spawns in Quartzite Basin and flies to the Temple of Earth. You can put its ID (50062) into NPCScan. When you find Aeonaxx, you mount it and kill it before being overwhelmed by whelpling adds. Melee may have trouble targeting; this can be remedied by facing the tail end.



You can catch Sharptooth from open water, Albino Cavefish from open water and pools, and Lavascale Catfish from open lava. These will count towards the meta achievement The Limnologist.


You can acquire the following fish/meat for their accompanying recipe to get credit towards The Cataclysmic Gourmet. The number in parentheses is the total amount you will need to cook one of each recipe.

Basilisk "Liver" (1) - Basilisk Liverdog
Toughened Flesh (1) - Blackened Surprise
Sharptooth (3) - Fish Fry
Dragon Flank (7) - Broiled Dragon Feast, Grilled Dragon
Lavascale Catfish (6) - Lavascale Fillet, Lavascale Minestrone, Seafood Magnifique

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