27 February 2011

Darkmoon Faire, Resto raid gear

Darkmoon Faire spreadsheet

I did a huge overhaul on my Darkmoon Faire reputation calculator and card-collecting spreadsheet. It now has the four new trinkets in Cata and reflects the changes to the materials requirements for making cards. In the gold section I revamped the calculations - I included sections for average prices of Volatile/Eternal/Primal Life, which are in my opinion the hardest to acquire, and subtracted that from your price maximum before calculating other appropriate costs. It also calculates how much crystallized/motes of life would cost; I often find that it's cheaper to buy bits and bobs and assemble the Eternals/Primals myself.

The download is here. Please tell me what you think!

Resto raid gear

I updated the resto druid raid gear list to reflect the increased importance of Mastery over Crit in patch 4.0.6. This affected the rankings of Head, Neck, Cloak, Waist, Legs, and Rings pieces. Please have a look at the updated post here!

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