25 February 2011

Things you can do in: Twilight Highlands

Twilight Highlands, a place where you can do these things.



Explore Twilight Highlands - Explore the named locations in Twilight Highlands. A map can be found here, or you can get the Tom Tom coordinates from this comment. Contributes to the meta-achievements Explore Cataclysm and World Explorer.


Fading into Twilight - Complete 95 quests in the zone. Contributes to the meta-achievement Loremaster of Cataclysm.

Consumed by Nightmare - Experience the 3 nightmares of Iso'rath, which may be these things. The quest chain begins with Paint it Black.

King of the Mountain - Complete the Twilight's Hammer quest chain, beginning with faction-specific intro quests, followed by the Maw of Madness, then the Vermillion Redoubt, then Initiate Goldmine, then to Garona/Mathias Shaw, and finally ending with Skullcrusher the Mountain.

Round Three, Fight! - Complete the Crucible of Carnage, the final quest being The Twilight Terror!

[H] Dragonmaw Tour of Duty - Kill the following Wildhammer NPCs (read comments for their spawn locations!): High Shaman MacKilligan, Dillan MacHurley, Gunwald Greybeard, Cliff Thundermar, Black Recluse, Korthalon.

[A] Wildhammer Tour of Duty - Kill the following Dragonmaw NPCs (totally not fair they only have to do 4!): Warlord Halthar, Karkrog the Exterminator, Black Recluse, Korthalon.


[HeroicGrim Batol - Defeat Erudax. The heroic counts towards the metas Cataclysm Dungeon Hero and Defender of a Shattered World, and a guild group will earn credit for the Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero.

Umbrage for Umbriss - Kill General Umbriss while he is affected by the 20sec debuff Modgud's Malice applied when the malignant trogg dies. This counts for the meta Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.

* Unless kept cc'd, one malignant trogg spawns in each pack of trogg adds. When Umbriss enrages at 30% he stops summoning adds, so a malignant trogg must be cc'd at some point in the fight. When Umbriss is around 15%, kill the malignant trogg near him and then burn down Umbriss within 20 seconds. Remember that Umbriss will deal 100% more damage while affected by this debuff.

Don't Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelet - Kill Erudax without any Faceless Corruptors casting Twilight Corruption on Alexstraza's eggs. This counts for the meta Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.

* Although the adds cannot be rooted, they can be slowed with Chains of Ice, Crippling Poison, Frostbolt, Frost Trap, and Slow. Burn them down before resuming DPS on the boss.



Dragonmaw Clan - you can get to 4275 Friendly via quests (beginning at 0 Neutral and earning 7275 rep unbuffed). Grot Deathblow can be found at 53.9,42.1 in Bloodgulch in Twilight Highlands.

Wildhammer Clan - you can get to 185 Honored via quests (beginning at 0 Neutral and earning 9185 rep unbuffed). Craw MacGraw can be found at 48.6,38.7 in Thundermar in Twilight Highlands.

The Earthen Ring - you can get to 9395 Honored via quests (beginning at 4360 Honored after Deepholm quests and earning 5035 rep unbuffed). Provisioner Arok can be found at 49.1,42.1 in Silver Tide Hollow in Shimmering Expanse.


There are no obtainable companion pets for this zone.


There are no obtainable mounts for this zone.



You can fish Highland Guppy from inland pools, and Sharptooth and Striped Lurker from open inland water. These will count towards the meta achievement The Limnologist.

You can fish Murglesnout and Deepsea Sagefish, from open coastal water, and Algaefin Rockfish from coastal pools. These will count towards the meta achievement The Oceanographer.


You can acquire the following fish/meat for their accompanying recipe to get credit towards The Cataclysmic Gourmet. The number in parentheses is the total amount you will need to cook one of each recipe.

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